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Best lube: 9 of the best lubricants for all occasions, budgets and skin types

From water to silicone and vaginal to anal, here is our pick of the best lube for all occasions, skin types and budgets


I f you’re feeling the friction (ahem), then finding the best lube is not only a necessity but a gamechanger. In the UK alone, more than 61,350 pints of lube are bought each year, according to Lovehoney, and we buy the most anal toys than any other country surveyed.


Whether you’re shopping for lube for masturbation, the best anal lube, lube for sex toys, or massage lubricant, there’s a whole load of options to pick from, meaning it’s hard to know where to begin.


A lubricant is a liquid specially formulated for intimate use. There are various types of lubes available, including flavoured, and tingly or warming lubes to boost your pleasure experience, and they come (excuse the pun) in different consistencies to improve different types of sex acts or suit different needs.


The best lube can also avoid injury and tearing when having sex, particularly during anal sex. What’s more, if you’re having lots of sex, or vigorous sex with at least one female partner, then a lubricant can also reduce the likelihood of UTI’s (urinary tract infections).


In summary – lube isn’t just for sliding big things in small spaces.


Whatever type of sex you’re having, finding the best lube for the job at hand isn’t always straightforward so we’ve created a short list of all the best lubes we think you’ll benefit from the most. 


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Best lube UK


1.  Best overall pick: LoveHoney Enjoy Water-based Lube – £12.99: Jump to review


2. Best cheap lube: Knect Personal Water-based Lube£2.99: Jump to review


3. Best for long sex sessions: ID Millennium Silicone-based Lube£9.50: Jump to review


4. Best lube for anal: PJUR Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide Lube £16.99: Jump to review


5. Best for sensation: Tracey Cox Supersex Orgasm Gel – £9.99: Jump to review


6. Best vaginal lube/best for sensitive skin: Yes! Organic Water-based Lube£7.99: Jump to review


7. Best flavoured lube: Skins Flavoured Lube  £12: Jump to review


8. Best for sex toys: Liquid Silk Lube – £12.99: Jump to review


9. Best for massages: Durex 2-in-1 Massage Lube – £6.50: Jump to review


9. Best for travel: ID Lubricants Travel Pack – £14.99: Jump to review



1. Lovehoney Enjoy Lube 

Base: Water-based

£12.99 | Buy now

Lovehoney Enjoy best lube UKLovehoney

The simple nature of this lube from Lovehoney makes it a great all-rounder. It does the job, making your sex life glide and slip with ease. It’s fine to use with latex and polyurethane condoms, it’s great to use for all sex toys, and it’s in an easy-to-use bottle with a pump.


Its consistency is fairly thin, so it feels natural. Plus, it doesn’t have any fragrance added, so it’s kinder to the skin. As an added bonus it’s vegan-friendly. You can’t go wrong with this lube to boost your sex life and avoid any chaffing.




2. Knect Personal Lube

Base: Water-based

£2.99 | Buy now

Knect KY Jelly Personal LubeKnect

The Knect Personal Lube is a handy travel lubricant that’s easy to take with you anywhere. Even though it’s the cheapest lube in our list, it’s stain free, non-greasy and easy to rub or wash off. Whether you’re having sex away from home, or you’re having some personal time to yourself, this is an ideal, discreet lube to take with you.


The consistency of this one is more like jelly and it comes in a squeezy bottle, rather than a pump. But if that doesn’t bother you it’s worth a try.



3. ID Millennium Lube

Base: Silicone-based

£30 | Buy now

Best lube for long sex sessionsadmin | MBman

This lube from ID Millennium is the highest quality, pure silicone lubricant on the market and is guaranteed to never be sticky.


If you really want the best performing lube, that won’t dry up, however long your sex sessions last, then this super-concentrated lube will work wonders for you.


This is a great lubricant for shower sex, or if you’re getting frisky in your hot tub and need a lube that works in water. It also doubles up as a great massage lube and the perfect latex lube, if you like a bit of kinky sex.


Just remember that you can’t use this lube on any of your silicone sex toys.



4. PJUR Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide Lube

Base: Silicone-based

£16.99 | Buy now

Best lube for anal pjur back door PJUR

If anal sex is your thing, or you’re looking to experiment with it, you’re certainly going to benefit from using some lube. The Back Door Relaxing Glide lube, from PJUR, is a silicone-based lubricant that will make your anal sex pain-free and feel fantastic. Both you and your partner will benefit from this one.


This is designed specifically for anal sex and contains jojoba extracts to make it much more soothing and relaxing than other lubes. It’s also built to last longer, so you shouldn’t have to reapply as much.



5. Tracey Cox Supersex Orgasm Gel

Base: Water-based

£9.99 | Buy now

Tracey Cox Supersex Orgasm GelTracey Cox

This Supersex Orgasm Gel lube from Tracey Cox (a renowned sex expert) will help maximise climax potential by creating a tingling sensation for both parties’ genitalia. This works by awakening your nerve endings which means you get increased pleasure and it enhances your response to touch.


This is a water-based lube that doesn’t feel tacky to the touch. It comes in an easy-to-use pump, so putting it on can be done quickly and smoothly.



6. Yes! Organic Lube

Base: Water-based

£7.99 | Buy now

Yes Organic Natural Lube reviewYesYesYes

If you, or your partner, have sensitive skin or allergies, this natural organic lubricant is likely to be your best bet.


It’s designed to be side-effect-free and doesn’t have any added fragrance or colouring. It’s particularly great for vaginal sex because it contains no glycerine and parabens, which can cause problems.


What’s more, its texture makes it feel like the real thing, so that’s a win for you too.



7. Skins Strawberry Lube

Base: Water-based

£12 | Buy now

Skin Flavoured Lube reviewSkins

If you’re wanting to switch between intercourse and oral sex then this fruity Ann Summers flavoured lube will make it much tastier, and enjoyable for both you and a partner.


You can get strawberry, mango and passionfruit, or watermelon flavours that all taste like the real deal.


This brand doesn’t have that horrid after-taste that can be common among flavoured lubes, it’s water-based and it won’t stain. It’s also safe to use with condoms. The only thing with a flavoured lube is it can dry out a little quicker, but if you give it a little spit then it’ll quickly revive it.



8. Liquid Silk Lube

Base: Water-based

£32 | Buy now

Liquid Silk Lube reviewLiquid Silk

This Liquid Silk lube is a water-based lubricant that will help make your sex toys nice and slippy.


It’s also a great lube for masturbation while being condom safe. It’s easy to get out the bottle with a pump dispenser and you won’t need much each time. In theory, this bottle should last a while but of course, that depends on how regular your sex toy joy takes place.


What we like best about this lube is that it can make some male sex toys, namely the Tenga Egg, as well as your hand feel more like the real thing. It’s also good for the sex toys you use with your partner.



9. Durex 2-in-1 Massage Lube

£6.50 | Buy now

Durex 2-in-1 massage lubeDurex

You’ve more than likely given your partner a massage to get their (and your) sex drive going and this lube from Durex works a treat to light the fire.


If you’re not the best masseuse, this massage lubricant will be your wing man and help glide your hands over their body smoothly and erotically.


Of course, your hands might drift…and that’s fine because this lube is condom-safe and won’t jeopardise your contraception. Instead, it’ll make you slip right in with ease.



10. ID Lubricants Travel Pack 

£14.99 | Buy now


best cheap lubes for travelID Lubricants

Whether you’re looking to mix things up, try something new or want more travel-friendly options, this kit from ID Lubricants is a great place to start.


It contains five lubes – from a choice of six – meaning you won’t know exactly what you’re getting until it arrives.


These lubes include:


  • Millennium (silicone-based)
  • Glide (water-based)
  • Silk (a hybrid of silicone and water)
  • Pleasure (tingling)
  • Flavoured (water-based)
  • Jelly (extra thick water-based)
  • Sensation (tingle lube for enhanced sensitivity)


Each lube comes in a travel-friendly, discreet 12ml tube and a little goes a long way – and lasts a long time – so you’ll get great value from these lubes.




Best lube: What to look for 


When choosing a lube, it’s a good idea to learn more about the different types available. Lube falls into three categories, based on what its main ingredient is: water, silicone or oil.


Water-based lube


  • Safe for sex toys and condoms
  • Most similar to natural lubrication
  • Less likely to cause a reaction or irritation
  • Can dry out quicker than other types of lube


Silicone-based lube


  • Can be used in water
  • Is the slippiest and a little bit of product goes a long way
  • Can be harder to clean off than other types of lube
  • Can cause problems when used with silicone sex toys


Oil-based lube

  • Thicker than other types of lubricant
  • Can coat larger areas
  • Should not be used latex condoms – this because the oil can cause them to lose their protection. If you prefer an oil-based lube, opt for polyurethane condoms instead.



What is the best lube?


The best lube for vaginal sex is a water-based lube. This is because it’s not too sticky and it’s easy to wipe or rinse off. However, water-based lubricants do tend to dry out a bit quicker, so if you’re having anal sex, this might not be the best option.


The best lube for anal is silicone-based lube. Unlike a vagina, an anus isn’t self-lubricating so in order to avoid tearing, or to make the experience more comfortable for both parties, you’ll need a lube that doesn’t dry out too quickly.


What to avoid when looking for the best lube?


Glycerine should be avoided if having vaginal sex because it can cause some women infections. If you have any allergies you may well get on better with a natural or organic lubricant.




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