Condom size chart for condom sizes UK

This condom size chart and online quiz helps you find your best condom fit

If you’re not sure what condom size you need, we’ve put together a condom size chart and found an online quiz from Durex to help you find your best condom fit



A s much as many of us would like to assume we can fit into large condoms, the reality is that the average man actually needs a small. That’s because, in the UK at least, the average penis size is 5.17 inches and small condoms are designed to fit penis lengths of up to 6.5 inches.


A poor-fitting condom can not only make sex uncomfortable, but it can actually be impacting your enjoyment and performance. Wearing the wrong condom size reduces friction which reduces pleasure. It might be good for your ego to wear a large but if it’s not helping you achieve your end goal, your ego could be literally cock-blocking you.


There’s also a strong chance that many men who claim not to like having sex with a condom feel that way because they’re wearing the wrong size. It’s nothing to do with wearing the condom itself.  Sex while wearing a well-fitting condom – especially the extra-thin kind – actually feels as close to riding bareback as possible.


We’ve previously tried and tested some of the best condoms in the UK and in this article, we’ll explain how to know the difference between condom sizes and how to tell which condom size you need.


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Condom size chart

Condom size chart: How to pick condom sizes in the UKMBman


Condoms, by their nature, are designed to stretch. However, if they’re too tight they’ll feel uncomfortable, or worse they’re more likely to split. Equally, if your condom is too big, there’s the risk it could come off and neither result is ideal.


When choosing a condom size, the general fit comes down to your length but you do also have to factor in your girth as that’s what will see it slipping off.



How to measure your penis for condoms


To determine your penis length, measure from your pubic bone to the end of your erection. Don’t measure your penis when it’s soft (certainly not for condom purposes).


To find out your penis girth, use a flexible tape measure to measure around your penis at its widest part.



Condom sizes UK


If your penis girth is 1.8 inches or under and your length is less than 6.5 inches, you’ll likely need a Small.


If your girth is 2 inches and your penis length measures between 6.5 inches and 8 inches, we recommend a Medium.


If your girth is larger than 2 inches but your length is still between 6.5 inches and 8 inches, we recommend a Large.


If your girth is larger than 2 inches and your length is larger than 8 inches, you’ll need an Extra Large.


Durex condom size quiz Find My FitDurex


Remember it doesn’t matter what category you fall into, it matters you get your condom to fit right.


If your penis measurements are on the borderline of any of these figures, or you’re not sure which style of condom is best, it is possible to buy samples. We recommend the Condom Trial Packs from British Condoms but other sites also sell individually packaged condoms as needed.


Alternatively, Durex offers a Find Your Fit Guide that helps you determine which size and type of Durex condom you should choose. It asks you questions about your girth, what level of lubricant you prefer, how thin you want the condom to be, and if there are any features you prefer (ribbed, dotted, etc.). You’ll then be shown your closest matches within your desired fit.


What Durex condom size do I need?Durex




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