Best sex toys for men from cheap to luxury on Amazon Lovehoney Ann Summers and more

Sex toys for men UK: Our pick of the best cheap and luxury male sex toys

Sex toys for men are on the rise (excuse the pun) and whether you’re looking for something to help you last longer, add more spice to the bedroom or just get you through a dating drought, we’ve got you covered with the best premium, cheap and budget masturbators and toys 



S ex toys for men are growing in popularity and, as a result, there is now an increasing choice of male sex toys whether you’re alone, in a couple, or whatever your current sex life and situation is.


If you’re not already using sex toys designed for men, whether for your own individual pleasure or to use with your partner, you’re missing out on a harder and stronger orgasm.


They’re not there to replace intimacy with another person, they’re best used to enhance and inject variety into your whole sexual experience. Whether that’s helping you last longer, or learning what you like so you can share that with your partner.


Masturbation devices for men are no longer taboo and have become high-tech and sophisticated. It’s never been easier to buy sex gadgets and experiment. You can even buy your male sex toys from Amazon, so it really couldn’t be easier. The problem is, as the popularity of male sex toys grows so too do the options and this can be a little overwhelming – from cock rings, to butt plugs, masturbation eggs, fleshlights and more. You can also find sex toys for men with small, or large penises.


That’s why we’ve handpicked the best sex toys for men that are sure to boost your sexual pleasure, for all budgets.


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Best sex toys for men UK


Fleshlight Quickshot £35


Tenga Egg £10


Hummer Plus Ultimate Blow Job Male Masturbator – £374.99


Juicy Mini Masturbator – £3.95


Durex Play Slide & Ride Masturbation Sleeve £29.99


Lelo F1s V2 Penis Stimulator – £199 


Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit – £79.99


We-Vibe Vector+ Remote-Controlled Prostate Massager – £119 


Lelo Hugo Male Prostate Massager – £145


Satisfyer Vibro-Ring Silicone Cock Ring  – £25


Loving Joy TUX Remote Control Couples Cock Ring £34.99



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1. Editor’s Pick: Fleshlight Quickshot 

£35 | Buy now

Best fleshlight sex toy for menVantage

You’ve no doubt heard of a fleshlight before – especially if you’ve watched the Borat movie – but what makes this particular fleshlight different is its size. Being smaller it’s easier to store discreetly at home and is portable for you to take with you on your travels.


Another great selling point of this penis sleeve is that each end doesn’t look like a mouth, vulva or anus, nor does it have a particular skin tone, like most other fleshlights. So whatever your sexual orientation is, this penis stroker will not put you off.


To use the Fleshlight Quickshot, insert your penis and then move the unit from shaft to tip to experience the full breadth of sensation. You’ll want to use a water-based lube with this one and if you want a realistic sensation then you can put the fleshlight in warm water first.


It has an unobstructed exit point, so you’ll want to have the tissues ready if you’re using it alone, but the open end on this toy can add to the pleasure with a partner because your penis will be more or less in full sight.


If you’re looking for a cheaper version, Lovehoney sells what its calls the Head Master Blow Job Stroker. It’s designed for use during blow jobs but works just as well on your own, and it costs just £9.99. There is a vibrating version too, but that costs £39.99.



2. Budget Buy: Tenga Egg Sex Toys for Men

£10 | Buy now

Tenga Egg male disposable sex toysTenga Egg


A really simple-to-use and cheap sex toy for men is the Tenga Egg. This is perfect for all-size penises, thanks to its very soft and flexible centre, and, as a result, is one of the best small sex toys for men too.


If you’re new to the sex toy for men world, the Tenga Egg is a great entry-level male masturbation aid. Don’t be put off by the egg shape, as this is just the outer casting.


To use the Tenga Egg, pour the provided lube into the egg and around the rim. Insert your penis into the textured ridges that line the inside and proceed to use it in a hand job fashion.


This male masturbation device is designed to only be used once, however with careful use, a lot of cleaning and plenty of lube, you’ll be able to get more goes with this sex toy for men should you need to.



3. Luxury Buy: Hummer Plus Ultimate Blow Job Male Masturbator

£375 | Buy now

Hummer Plus luxury blowjob sex toys for menHummer Plus


The Hummer Plus is your ultimate men’s sex toy.


If you’re looking to supercharge your penis pleasure then the price will be worth it for its 180 RPM speed, and 180 suction impulses per minute.


You can use this blowjob sex toy to get a hands-free, realistic blow job, but you can also use its deep stimulation for stamina training. There are 10 vibration modes, six speed levels and eight fully automatic suction modes with four-minute sessions and unpredictable patterns. This means if you’re looking for a realistic sex toy for men (and you’re not on a budget), this is a great option.


You have the option to use a remote control or change the levels on the box itself. Plus you can detach the blow job machine part and use it to intensify your hand job instead.




Juicy Mini Masturbator Raspberry: Best cheap sex toy for men

£3.95 | Buy now

Juicy Mini cheap sex toy for menFunzone

If you’re looking for the ultimate cheap sex toy for men, you can’t go wrong with this mini masturbator.


Not only does it not look like a sex toy, especially when you place the net over the top, but it’s super discreet.


It doesn’t go down the entirety of the shaft, it focuses on the end but the inside is textured and smooth to make it feel as realistic as possible.


It’s great for adding a new sensation to self-play or hand jobs, and for edging.


Due to the fact it’s so cheap, it won’t take anything too rigorous (or certainly not for extended periods of time or multiple sessions) but it should last a few times and, at this price, you can just buy a new one if the top does split.


That said, if it splits and isn’t likely to break bits off, the fact you can get the shaft in it isn’t necessarily a bad thing…


Just make sure you keep it clean,




Slide & Ride Masturbation Sleeve

£29.99 | BUY NOW



The Slide & Ride Masturbation Sleeve from Durex is a fleshlight with a different name. It’s a simple and effective tool for use either as part of foreplay or when you’re alone.


It’s made from a soft, durable material called Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which feels similar to skin and this adds to the overall realism of the toy.


If you clean it properly, this sleeve can be used up to 50 times.


The design is stretchy, with a textured and dotted interior. These features are designed to mimic the sensations of a partner. The texture inside the sleeve provides a range of sensations, which can be enhanced further with a water-based lubricant.


However, it’s important to note that the Slide & Ride isn’t for everyone. Although it’s stretchy, the inner hole diameter starts at 17mm so if you’re thinner than this, or much thicker, it might not be suitable.




Lelo F1S V2 Penis Stimulator 

£199 | Buy now

Lelo F1S V2 sex toy for menLelo

Tenga eggs and fleshlights are great for what they are, and they do the job, but if you want to bring more power and sensation to your sessions, we highly recommend the F1S V2.


Lelo describes it as “the next generation of Lelo’s legendary pleasure console” – the first generation of which was the original F1S – and it brings more versatility and control to masturbating.


Firstly, it offers a range of four vibration modes, powered by sonic technology, to help you experiment and boost the overall sensation.


Secondly, it uses motion sensors to track your performance on an app. This is great for learning about what you enjoy and what works best for you, both when you’re on your own or with a partner. It’s also great for edging, or if you’re trying to last longer in bed.


It is pricey, but for the amount of pleasure you get from it, as well as what you can learn from using it, it’s actually really good value.



Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit

£79.99 | Buy now

Couples sex toy kit with vibrators cock rings and anal beadsLovehoney

If you can’t decide which type of male sex toy you want, or you want to buy a selection for you and your partner then the Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit is great value for money.


For £80 you get:


  • G-Spot Vibrator
  • Vibrating Rabbit Ears
  • Butt Plug
  • Rabbit Vibrator
  • Male Stroker
  • Anal Beads
  • Jiggle Balls
  • Rabbit Cock Ring and
  • Cock Ring Set


You can use a number of these toys at the same time, during the same session, or enjoy them when you’re on your own. Although the name suggests it’s for a weekend away, we recommend trying a different toy each night and keeping it a surprise for your partner to add to the anticipation.


We also recommend stocking up on lube if you’re going to go all out with some of these toys, especially the anal toys, and you’ll need to buy 6 x AA batteries.




We-Vibe Vector+ Remote-Controlled Prostate Massager 

£119 | Buy now

WeVibe Vector+ remote controlled mens sex toy for couples reviewWeVibe

The We-Vibe Vector has been a bestselling sex toy for men for years and it recently got a major upgrade – you can now control it remotely either via a remote control, or an app. Albeit at a price.


The Vector+ is what’s known as a male prostate massager and it’s designed to be placed up the anus to stimulate the male erogenous zone.


It has an adjustable design to help you get the best angle and its flat part not only allows you to sit on it comfortably, but it also stimulates the perineum. The perineum is the scientific name for your gooch. It can take a bit of practice to get such sex toys in the right position, and you’ll likely need a water-based lube to help make it easier, but the fiddling will be more than worth it.


Once in position, the Vector+ offers six vibration patterns and four intensity levels.


Either using the physical remote, or the We-Vibe app, you or a partner can control these settings remotely, which could be while on a date, during foreplay at home, or for long-distance relationships. If you want to use it long-distance, you do need to set it up on a person’s phone while you’re together the first time. After that, they can access the controls from anywhere.


Due to the fact it’s designed to be used out of the house, it’s super quiet, fully waterproof, and can be charged via a standard USB. No more hunting for a proprietary cable. The We-Vibe Vector+ is available in blue, grey and black.




Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager 

£145 | Buy now

Lelo sex toys for men prostate massagerLelo


An orgasm with a prostate massager will rush through your whole body, rather than be localised to just your genital area. Your prostate is jam-packed full of nerve endings and when stimulated it can give you next-level, full-body pleasure.


In fact, as well as potentially increasing your orgasm intensity by 33%, a prostate massage can also strengthen your erection, help manage symptoms of an enlarged prostate, and improve urine flow.


Lelo is known to make some of the best sex toys on the market and this anal model is no different. It’s hands-free, and has two quiet but powerful motors in the base and tip, giving you double the pleasure, and you can use the remote control to change the intensity of the vibrations.


The Lelo Hugo prostate massager is medium-sized, so it’s perfect for a first-timer, or if you’re somewhat familiar with prostate play. The lower half is a perineum massager, so when the Hugo is inside of you the bottom part automatically stimulates the erogenous zone between your testicles and anus.



Satisfyer Vibro-Ring Silicone Cock Ring

£25 | Buy now

Vibrating cock ring male sex toySatisfyer

If you’re just beginning to experiment with sex toys, then the Satisfyer Vibro-Ring is a great vibrating sex toy for men to start with. It’s easy to use, affordable, and can benefit both your own, solo sexual pleasure as well as your partners’.


If you have trouble maintaining an erection long enough to have satisfactory penetrative sex, or you want your penis to look bigger, then a cock ring can help here too. That’s because it restricts the blood flow away from the shaft, whilst simultaneously allowing it to flow back in, leading to a prolonged sensation.


To use the Satisfyer Vibro-Ring, slip it down to the base of your penis (with plenty of lube, of course) and do everything you would normally do. This male sex toy is waterproof, has 10 vibration settings and it’s made from medical-grade silicone. A fantastic beginner’s sex toy that will boost your penis performance.



Loving Joy TUX Remote Control Couples Cock Ring

£34.99 | Buy now

Remote control cock ring sex toy for menLoving Joy

One of the most exciting things you can do as a couple, when it comes to using sex toys, is to control them remotely while out and about. Especially if you’re on a date and you’re trying to build anticipation for when you finally get home.


This Couples Cock Ring from Loving Joy has a ring for a penis that doubles up as a clitoral stimulator. It also comes with remote control.


From the other side of a room, or table, you can remotely send vibrations to the ring, choosing from seven vibration patterns and four varying speeds, all easily controlled by the remote control from up to 8 metres away.


This can also be used during sex, or alone to help you last longer or enhance the sensation.



Sex toys for men: What to look out for




Research has shown the benefits of masturbating include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Releasing tension
  • Helping with headaches
  • Helping you sleep better
  • Improve skin
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Helping treat sexual problems
  • Strengthening muscle tone in your pelvic or anal areas


Depending on your price range and sexual preferences, you’ll be looking at either manually operated male sex toys or something with more technological frills.


Size is an important factor when considering what male sex toy to buy. If you have a big penis – which is classed as anything about seven inches, on average, in the UK – you may find some toys will only stimulate the tip of your penis, whereas if you have a smaller penis you may find some sex toys don’t provide enough friction.


If you’re hoping to use a device whilst you’re in the bath or shower, you’ll want a waterproof sex toy.


Most are fairly water-resistant in terms of being used with lube, but you’ll want one that is fully submersible.


As well as buying the sex toy itself, an essential on your sex toy shopping list should be a water-based lubricant and sex toy cleaning solution. Not only will this make it more comfortable and hygienic for you, it will also mean your male sex toy will last longer.


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