Best mens razors and razors for men with beards

Best men’s razor UK: Our pick of tried-and-tested razors for men

Not all razors for men are created equally. Here’s our pick of the best men’s razors in the UK with tips on how to get the perfect shave every time


W hen it comes to the best razors for men, you’re going to want to find a razor that gives you the smoothness you want, without any irritation, all while offering great value for money.


Everyone’s skin is different, therefore your shaving needs are different too.


Picking the best men’s razor will come down to what your personal preference is and what suits your skin best.


However, there are so many razors for men available it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’re here to save you time and give you our take on what we think are the best razors.



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Best razors for men UK: Which shaving razor is best?


Editor’s Pick: Gilette Labs Exfoliating Razor – £24.99


Best cheap razor: Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razor – £5.49


Best luxury razor: GilletteLabs Heated Razor for Men – £125


Gilette ProGlide – £12.99


Bulldog Original Bamboo Razor£6


Ottoman Stubby Double Edge Safety Razor – £5.69


Philips OneBlade Face and Body Electric Trimmer – £9.99


The Personal Barber subscription service – £9.99


Cut Throat Club – From £19


Harry’s Razors – From £3.95


Clean Shaven – From £3.99


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Editor’s Pick: Gillette Exfoliating Razor

£12.99 | Buy now

Gillette Labs Exfoliating BarGillette

There’s a reason why Gillette is one of the best-known, if not the best-known razor brand in the UK and it’s because its razors give you a really great shave for an affordable price. The Exfoliating Razor is no different.


In addition to the five-blade head, common on almost all the best Gillette razors, the Exfoliating Razor features built-in exfoliating technology in the form of an Exfoliating Bar found beneath the blades.


As you move the razor across your face, this exfoliating bar clears away dirt, dead skin cells, and debris to clear the way for the blades. This allows you to get a closer shave, with fewer strokes, which in turn helps reduce irritation and ingrown hairs.


The head then uses what’s known as 2D FlexDisc contouring technology meaning the razor adapts to the contour of your face, to make sure you get hairs in harder-to-reach places.

This razor is more expensive than many on the market but that’s because it also comes with a magnetic stand. This not only helps keep your bathroom side clear but it prevents th



Budget Buy: Wilkinson Sword Hydro 

£5.45 | Buy now

Wilkinson Sword best cheap razor reviewWilkinson Sword

You can’t beat the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Skin Protection Advanced Razor when it comes to price and quality. It has five blades with skin guards, so it’s easy and safe to use.


Its shock-absorption technology means it will put the same amount of pressure on your skin no matter what part of your face you’re shaving, and this means it will cut the hair evenly.


We particularly like the handle and how easy it is to hold whilst shaving. It also has a menthol strip to make it a cooler shave for your skin, limiting any irritation. All for just a fiver.



Luxury Buy: GilletteLabs Heated Razor for Men

£125 | Buy now

Gillette Labs heated razor reviewGillette

If you like a hot towel shave, but don’t want to have to go to the barber every time, the premium GilletteLabs Heated Razor for Men is the ideal solution.


The heat produced by this razor means your shave will be much more comfortable, it also makes it more effective by helping the hair follicles to expand, thus lifting the hairs up.


There are two choices of heat which you activate by pressing a button and, even though it’s heated, this razor is also waterproof.


The razor itself has five blades and they’re the thinnest and finest blades Gillette offers, so you’ll get a really close shave. It should also mean you have fewer cuts, but that depends on how much care you take. When you’ve finished shaving it’s really easy to store with the magnetic docking station. It will charge wirelessly too.



Gillette ProGlide

£12.99 | Buy now

Best razor for men UK GilletteGillette

This is the third entry from Gilette in our best razor guide but it offers a number of features that set it apart from the others.


For instance, it contains what Gillette calls ‘flexball’ technology. This means the razor head can pivot so it fits the contours of your face. In practice, this means it can move around your cheekbone, following the curve, rather than in a straight line. You can really go in any angle or direction and still get a close shave.


As an added bonus, there’s a trimmer on the back of the cartridge so you can shave your sideburns and under your nose. Elsewhere, the lubricating strip has mineral oils, so it’ll be kind to your skin.



Bulldog Original Bamboo Razor

£6 | Buy now

Best eco-friendly razor from BulldogBest eco-friendly razor from BulldogBulldog Skincare

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly razor then the Bulldog Bamboo Original Bamboo razor is a good choice. That’s because the bamboo handle is far more sustainable than a plastic one.


The metal of the blades is made from un-chromed metal components and the packaging it comes in is also made from fully recycled materials.


Bulldog is known for its hair products, but this razor lives up to the brand’s reputation. You get the razor, plus two blade cartridges, each with five blades. There’s also a lubricating strip with aloe, which helps to glide the razor over your skin.



Ottoman Stubby Double Edge Safety Razor

£30 | Buy now

Ottoman Safety Razor reviewOttoman

As safety razors go, we think the Ottoman Stubby Double Edge is the best safety razor for men. We like it because it has a wide, textured handle that’s heavy, giving you much more grip. This makes it easy and safe to use. The control you get with this razor is also much better than other safety razors.


The blades are made from stainless steel so they won’t go rusty, and it’s so heavy duty that it can even be used on beard hair or thick stubble. In the pack you’ll get 10 blades, which should last you about 2-3 months depending on how much you shave.



Philips OneBlade Face and Body Electric Trimmer

£49.99 | Buy now

Philips OneBlade best electric trimmerPhilips

Maybe you like a clean-shaven face for work, but prefer a bit of stubble for the weekend. If that’s the case then this Philips OneBlade razor will work for both.


It’s essentially a stubble trimmer and shaver multitool. This shaving multitool will cut any length of hair. It’s also a waterproof razor, so you can use it in the shower. You’ll just need to rinse it under the tap if you use shaving foam.


There’s also a Philips OneBlade that comes with a body comb meaning you can shave your body hair with it too. Should you need to.


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The Personal Barber Razor subscription 

£49.99 | Buy now

The Personal Barber best subscription boxes for menThe Personal Barber

The Personal Barber is a great subscription service that provides a safety razor, a shaving brush, shaving cream and 10 replacement blades, replaced as and when needed on a recurring basis.


Whether you shave daily or once a week, The Personal Barber offers a six-weekly delivery option or a 12-weekly option and in each box, you’ll get new shaving products included, meaning you can try out new products.


The shaving products that come in the box are of great quality. The shaving creams smell really nice too. There are even other razors you can upgrade to, so this is a really personable razor subscription service to suit pretty much everyone.


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Harry’s Razor subscription 

Free trial | Buy now

Harrys subscription worth it?Harry's

Harry’s was one of the original razor subscription services and it’s still one of the best.


Founded by two guys – Jeff and Andy – Harry’s is designed to offer simple, high-quality razors and shaving accessories that are affordable without sacrificing comfort or usability.


It offers a range of options for both men and women, from individual blade heads to razors, shower gel, travel kits, and more. The company more recently ventured into hair and scalp care, too.


Because there are so many options, it’s worth browsing the site to find a set or razor that suits your needs and budget. However, the easiest and cheapest way to give Harry’s razors a go is via its trial pack. The pack usually costs £11.50 with a £3.95 delivery charge yet new customers can get the kit for nothing and just pay for delivery.


This set contains a five-blade razor cartridge with a weighted rubberised handle, a travel cover for the blade and a travel bottle of shaving gel.


What’s more, Harry’s sets aside 1% of its sales to support nonprofits providing mental health care services to men in need. An initiative that, as of 2021, had helped 500,000 men—and donated $5 million.


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Cut Throat Club razors 

From £19 | Buy now

Cut Throat Razors safety-razor-mat-chroomCut Throat Razors

They might be pricey, certainly in comparison to other entries in this men’s razor list but Cut Throat Club razors are the ultimate in luxury.


You can choose from safety razors, or cut throat razors and all are beautifully designed and precisely engineered. Within the safety razor range, the cheapest model is the Parker 24C.


It has an open comb design made from a chrome-plated brass frame.


Or you can pay as much as £180 for the Feather AS-D2 Safety Razor.


Described by the brand as “a work of art,” it’s made from 100% stainless steel and is balanced so the weight is in the head not the handle. This improves the feel of your shave and gives you more precision.


Alternatively you can buy cut throat razors, shavettes and electric razors from the same brand, plus all the accessories you’ll need.




Clean Shaven Razor sets 

Free trial | Buy now

Clean Shaven best men's razorsClean Shaven

If you want all the convenience of razors delivered to your home but don’t want a subscription, give Clean Shaven a go.


You start off by buying a set and there are three to choose from:


  • Trial Set: This set comes with a weighted razor handle, 5-blade razor cartridge and blade cover, and shave gel
  • Trial Set+: This set comes with all the same products as the Trial Set with the addition of a 3-blade razor cartridge
  • Trial Set VIP: All the same products as the Trial Set+ with one of three fragrances said to be inspired by Dior’s Sauvage, De Bleu and Aventus


You can then buy blade cartridges, and replacement handles and covers, separately as and when you need them. The blades are weighty (in a good way) and are designed to give a close shave without causing irritation, thanks to a built-in lubrication strip.


If your skin is sensitive and is particularly prone to irritation, especially if you have rosacea or similar, Clean Shaven additionally sells a Sensitive version of its 5-blade cartridge.


When you’re running low, you can then just order via the website and not have to worry about setting up a direct debit or similar.




How do I know what razor to buy?


Using a traditional razor is slower than an electric razor, but nothing quite beats the results of a traditional shave. If you decide a manual razor is for you you’re then faced with the choice of whether to use a disposable razor, a cartridge razor, a straight razor, or a safety razor.



Make sure blades are not old or dull: As a general rule if the razor begins to drag or doesn’t cut as closely as before, replace it


Never tap your razor on the side of the sink: Tapping the razor causes the blades to misalign. This affects cutting quality and how long the blades will last. Instead, rinse the razor with water and shake off any excess.


A cartridge razor is a popular choice for most men. That’s because it’s an easy and safe razor to use. You can easily replace the blades and the shave itself is quick. The downside to these is cost. With a cartridge razor, you’ll have to replace the blade cartridge every 3-4 shaves. They’re also not environmentally friendly because of the amount of plastic waste.


A safety razor is a more cost-effective option compared to a cartridge razor, plus they’re more environmentally friendly because they have a permanent, usually metal, handle. A safety razor has a protective shield to stop you from cutting yourself, but they take a bit of practice to master properly.


A straight razor is similar to a safety razor but can be more dangerous because it’s essentially shaving with an open blade. However, it will give you a closer shave. We’d recommend leaving this type of shave to a professional barber unless you’ve fully mastered using a safety razor first.


You can also get razors on subscription. This means you won’t be left with a dull blade, or have to go out shopping for razors. A razor subscription is particularly a good idea for you if you shave regularly because they’re much better value for money.


We wouldn’t recommend using a disposable razor unless you’re caught short whilst travelling or similar. That’s because they’re not usually good quality, meaning you’re more likely to get a shaving rash, or nicks and cuts.



How often should you change your razor?


There isn’t a set answer to this question because it depends on a number of factors. The first comes down to how often you shave – if you’re shaving once a day with a non-disposable razor then we’d recommend you change your razor every week to 10 days. If you’re shaving less frequently, you can get away with using the same razor for around three weeks or so.


“Another factor to consider is the quality of the razors that you are using,” says Nada Ward, founder of Beauty Kin. For example, disposable razors are, by their nature, lower quality. You should be looking to throw them away after every five to ten shaves.


“A better quality, longer lasting razor will allow you to get more shaves out of it, due to the quality and durability of the product. These high quality razor blades in which you can switch the blades come in very handy. That way you can simply replace the blade once it begins to become blunt, rather than replacing the razor as a whole.”


As a rule, if you start getting irritation and ingrown hairs when you weren’t previously, it can be a sign that your razor needs to be replaced.


If you’re unsure about how often you should change your razor, it’s worth signing up for a subscription because it can remind you to get rid of old razors as new ones come in.



How do I know when my razor blade is blunt?


An obvious way to know when your razor blade is blunt is when the shave isn’t as close as it was, or you start to see hairs being left behind.


If the razor blade is really blunt, you can often feel this bluntness on your skin because the razor will feel as though it’s pulling on the hairs rather than gliding over the skin shave.


And in some cases, it may leave small nicks and cysts on the skin. This is indicative of razor burn or shaving rash will be a clear indicator that it’s time to switch your razor for a new one.


“Rusting is a third key indicator that it’s time to switch, continues Ward. “Of course, as your razors are used in wet conditions or with shaving products, over time it is inevitable that specs of orange-coloured rust will begin to appear if you’re not changing razors regularly. If you’re using a rusty razor, you can expect to have an uncomfortable shaving experience.”





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