Best headband for men: From Alice bands to headbands for sports, how to choose the best hair band for men and boys

Whether it’s because long hair styles for men have been popular in recent years, or whether it’s a consequence of lockdown, searches for “headband”,”hair band for men” and “headband for men” are now in their hundreds and thousands every month


H eadbands for men and boys with long hair have drifted in and out of fashion for decades, helped by the likes of footballers Jack Grealish, David Beckham, Gareth Bale et al.


Using a hair band for men is great on the days your hair just won’t behave and has a life of its own, or if your hair is at the midway point where you can’t quite tie it back. Using a headband while you’re doing sports or your skincare routine is handy, or if you don’t want to get your hair wet while you grab a quick shower.


Before we get into our list of which hair band for men will best suit you, a word of warning. As a rule, it’s not ideal to wear a headband all the time. They rub and add pressure to hair follicles which can cause breakage to the hair.


Wearing a headband for a couple of hours won’t do much harm but constant wearing can pull round the edges of your hairline and cause it to recede. You can read more about this in our guide on How to prevent hair loss in men. Wearing a headband can also lead to tension headaches when worn for long periods.


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Types of Headband for Men

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There are various types of headbands for men on the market. To make it easier to find the best one for your hair type and length, we’ve described the different types and handpicked our favourites.



Alice bands for men


Also known as Zigzag headbands, or tooth headbands, David Beckham and Zayn Malik are renowned for wearing these. Alice bands are great at pulling the hair back with effortless ease and once on, they look pretty discreet. They’re are usually made of plastic and are curved to the shape of your head. They’re a popular headband for men who are into sports and who need to keep their long hair out of their face.



Standard headband


The standard headband for men, also known as the elastic headband, is made of a single, thin piece of material wrapped around a long piece of elastic. They fit around your head, usually rather snugly, and can be worn at the front or centre of your head. These also double up as hair bands if you’ve got hair long enough to put in a ponytail and you need to keep it off your face and neck.



Bandana headbands for men


These headbands for men are more for everyday use; a comfortable, larger band made of material that keeps hair out of your face but also covers up greasy roots. They’re usually made of a single piece of fabric you put around your neck first and then pull up over your face and onto your hair. They can be a little trickier to tie, but they help absorb sweat, or they can be used to match an outfit.





Sweatbands are a great men’s hair band for sport. They tend to sit on your forehead, rather than on top of your head, and work to stop sweat dripping into your eyes, as well as keeping your hair out of the way.


Best Headband for Men


1.  Best multipurpose headband: Kalenji Multi-Purpose Running Headband£4.99


2. Best cheap headband: Tooth Comb Headband £3.99


3. Best fabric sports hair band: French Fitness Revolution Headband£16.90


4. Best hair band for men set: AIM Clouded Metal Headband (6pcs) £8.69


5. Best elastic men’s sports hair band: Adidas Training Headbands – £15


6. Jack Grealish-style headband: Mytoptrendz Flexible Stretch Comb Headband for sports/long hair – £2.50


7. Bestselling headband for men: JASUEN Headbands – £8.99 – Amazon bestseller


8. Best bandana headband: Unisun Bandana Headband – £10.59


9. Best elastic headband: Kuou Elastic Sports Headband (4pcs) £4.29


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1. Editor’s Pick: Kalenji Multi-Purpose Running Headband

£4.99 | Buy now from Decalthlon

Best multipurpose headband for menKalenji

This headband is an absolute steal. It may not be the cheapest headband on this list, but it’s not far off and it certainly gives you the most value for money.


Made from a breathable mesh of 100% recycled polyester, this headband wicks away perspiration and dries quickly to keep you fresh, as well as warm when training outside.


Not only can it be used to keep your hair off your face when running, training or at the gym. It doubles up as a snood for when you’re taking a break and get cold, or if you’re looking to dry off your neck and chest after a workout.


It can even be fashioned into a bandana-style headband and worn on a night out, or as a hat when you’re looking to cover up greasy hair.


This headband comes in six colours: Pale grey, dark grey, black, orange, white and a special red edition. All profits from sales of the latter Red January version goes to Red January’s official charity partner, Sport in Mind.


It is designed for heads that measure around 59 cm but because it’s made of stretchy fabric, it can be worn comfortably on heads between 51cm and 63 cm.





2. Budget Buy: Tooth Comb Headband

£4.79 | Buy now from Amazon

Claires tooth headband for menWearing this headband on a night out, now we’re allowed back in bars, is perfect for keeping your look clean and fresh.


It’s a solid black headband that can be worn with most outfits and pulls the hair back neatly and with minimal snagging.


The ends of the headbands are smooth and rounded to prevent causing any digging behind the ears.


As a result, this super affordable headband for men and women is comfortable to wear for long periods without spending a fortune. It also comes in a pack of two.




3. Luxury Buy: French Fitness Revolution Headband for Men

£16.90 | Buy now from Amazon

This is the perfect headband for men for keeping sweat at bay when working out without looking like a basic sweatband.


We like the feel of this headband, it is smooth and almost like satin and it doesn’t pull any of the hair during use.


All while keeping sweat from our face.


Having a double layer not only helps keep this headband snug on your head, without being too tight but the fabric is made by Coolmax.


This means it absorbs sweat and moisture while keeping you cool.




4. AIM Clouded Metal Headband

£8.69 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re not sure where to start when picking the best hair band for men, this pack of six plastic headbands is a cheap way to give different types a go.


They are flexible enough to fit any head size and, because they’re made of soft metal, they should sit comfortably.


Adding further to the comfort, each of the headbands is lightweight and they have soft sleeves on their ends so that they don’t cut or irritate the skin behind your ears.


You can also experiment with the different styles, or keep the thicker ones for sports and the thinner, Zigzag-style headbands for nights out or when you want something a little more discreet.




5. Adidas Training Headbands for Men

£15 | Buy now from Adidas

Adidas hair band for men sportsadmin | MBman

Combining style with substance, this three-pack of training headbands should have something for everyone.


There are three bands of different widths and slightly different colourways.


The thinnest is white with the graphical part of the Adidas logo, the middle band is black with the words “Three Stripes” written across it, and the thickest band is black with the full-size Adidas logo.


They’re all made of a mix of nylon, polyester and elastane and have silicone strips on the inside that stop the bands from moving while you’re playing sports or running, and so on.



6. Mytoptrendz Flexible Stretch Comb Headband

£2.50 | Buy now from Amazon

Jack Grealish circular tooth comb headband for men for sports and runningMytoptrendz


This is a great headband for men who either have long hair and want to keep it out of their eyes, or have short to mid-length hair that moves a lot during sport. Its multiple teeth grip tightly preventing it from sliding around your head, all while keeping your hair in place.


For £2.50, you get two circular, plastic flexi-stretch zigzag headbands that measure around 12cm when closed. You will need to stretch them a little before applying them to your head and we recommend you do so slowly the first time to make sure they don’t snap.




7. JASUEN Headband

£8.99 | Buy now from Amazon


Ignore the fact these headbands are listed as being “for women” because they’re perfectly suited for men.


They keep hair of any length, but particular long hair, off your forehead and away from your neck while adding an element of style.


These material headbands are great for sport or chilling in the current heatwave we’ve been having.


What’s more, you get six headbands in one pack. We can only imagine they’re marketed at women because of the colours some of them sold in, but even then it’s a tad ridiculous.


These headbands are not only one of the bestselling bands on Amazon, they’re one of the most popular purchases across the entire health and beauty section so they must be doing something right!




8. Unisun Bandana Headband for Men

£10.59 | Buy now from Amazon


Bandanas are ideal men’s headbands for all occasions.


Their fabric design makes them stylish for nights out or trips to the pub, but they can also be used as a sweatband.


This particular bandana has an elastic back so that it’s easier to put on than the headbands you need to tie manually.


Most bandanas have to be folded to the right size and tie around your head, which can be a faff and means they don’t always stay put.


Being breathable and soft also means that this men’s headband is kinder to your scalp and hair.




9. Kuou Elastic Sport Headbands

£4.29 | Buy now from Amazon

These slim hair bands are great for keeping around your wrist for ease of use.


The material is an elastic stretch, which is relatively soft and less damaging to the hair, and because they’re bonded with a satin wrap, they won’t pull or snag on the hair when you remove the headband.


Many bands of this style have metal bonds with sharp edges that can easily pull out hair when removed.


Elsewhere, these bands have a non-slip design and are commonly used when playing tennis.


They’re also great for running and, because they come in a pack of four, you have the option of leaving them in your gym bag, car, bathroom, and coat pocket.





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