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Men’s hairstyles 2021: The best hairstyles for men you need to ask your barber for

Whether you’re attempting an at-home hair cut, or want to know which hairstyles for men are going to be popular in 2021, we’ve got you covered


A visit to the barbershop. It’s the place you go and you walk out feeling a million dollars; razor-sharp and ready for action.


Plus, a visit to see the barber is more than just a haircut. It’s an all-around grooming experience with the chance to get your beard looking tip-top too. For that one hour, the barber is that all-important pal who helps to sign off on your look for the next six weeks.


We want to make sure the next time you make the trip you arrive like a pro. Here are some of the top men’s hairstyles we’re expecting to be popular in 2021 – we’ve shared the names of these styles, too, so know exactly what to ask your barber for!


We’ve also started listing the best long hairstyles for men and the best short haircuts for men if you’re after something a bit more specific.


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Men’s hairstyles 2021


You can jump straight to your preferred men’s hairstyle using the links below, or scroll through the full list for inspiration.



Before we dive into our list of the best men’s hairstyles 2021, we wanted to highlight some research that has uncovered what have been the most-searched-for hairstyles for men on Instagram in recent months. This shows that braids are the most on-trend with almost 18 million posts followed by undercut and mohawk with more than two million posts each.


Elsewhere, the mullet (877,000 posts) is making a comeback, followed by the fade (2.03 million posts). In fact, the top 10 hairstyles for men and women are as follows:

  1. Braids – 17,800,573 posts
  2. Undercut – 2,668,621
  3. Mohawk – 2,248,874
  4. Pixie Cut – 2,200,000
  5. Bob – 2,054,234
  6. Fade – 2,032,953
  7. Big Chop – 1,394,447
  8. Messy Bun – 1,300,000
  9. Pigtails – 1,200,000
  10. Mullet – 877,209


The most popular male celebrities when it comes to hairstyles include Justin Bieber, Lebron James, David Beckham and Vin Diesel. You can read more about these rankings at Tajmeeli.


Elsewhere, Jim Shaw – award-winning men’s hairdresser and owner of Toni & Guy Billericay has given MBman the lowdown on what men’s hairstyles trends are set to come in 2022. According to Jim, mullets and shags will be in next year. “When done correctly, they give men an incredibly cool and trendy look. They’re also great haircut choices for those who prefer a low-maintenance haircut and style, as they look best when worn messy and effortless in appearance and can be easily styled at home.”


He predicts the buzz cut will continue to be popular in 2022 but with a modern approach. “Men will start to add colour into their cut such as vivid, punk-inspired hair colours that will give the look a grungy appearance – think neon greens, pinks, oranges and yellows.”


And in terms of grooming, Jim is finally calling time on the beard trend that has dominated for years. “Fresh-faced looks were all over the catwalk for Spring/Summer 22 and we will see a lot of men getting rid of their beards and moustaches and sporting clean-shaven looks or very short and close shaves.”


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Hairstyles for men: The Buzz Cut



If you’ve already gone far too long without a discernible look, and you’re getting desperate, there are few men’s hair styles that are as simple to manage as the Buzz Cut. It’s the ultimate hairstyle of convenience, pandemic or not. No-fuss, no-frills and it keeps effort required to a minimum. All while still looking the part.


Men can be simple creatures and this handily follows suit for those that don’t want to think too far ahead. The beauty of this men’s hair style is its simplicity and versatility. A truly one-size-suits-all. It works for a range of different hair lengths and can be adapted for any face shape.


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Hairstyles for men: The Side Part



This men’s hairstyle is a bit more intricate, granted, but it’s a timeless classic.


This is because the Side Part is the equivalent of a smart-casual dress code. It works for all occasions and has the potential to make a man look particularly distinguished. This is a really classy and clean option – but you can personalise it too. Once you’re beyond the parting, you’ve got the freedom to get a little creative with a flick, a fade, or sharply chiselled angles.


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Hairstyles for men: The Undercut



If your ultimate aim is to look on-trend, this has to be up there as one of the very best men’s hairstyles in the business.


Again, it offers great flexibility. It works for all hair types and comes with the added bonus of taking years off you with its youthful, modern edge.


The Undercut is open to interpretation in terms of severity but is ultimately defined by the contrast between a heavy top and barely-there underneath.


Men’s hairstyles 2021: The Fade 



Set to reign for another year, the beauty of the Fade, also known as the Skin Fade, is that it can be incorporated into your classic style to instantly elevate your look.


The intensity of the Fade can vary in height depending on how subtle you want the effect to be – just remember to visit an experienced stylist as the higher it goes, the more noticeable any discrepancies in the gradient of length will be. You’re aiming for a smooth and seamless transition, almost with an ombre effect.


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Hairstyles for men: The Caesar Cut



Named after and inspired by Julius himself, this style is not for the faint-hearted and requires full commitment to rock it.


Ask your barber for a shortcut all over, with a dense horizontal cropped fringe. A short fringe immediately exudes confidence and raises the fashion stakes from average to edgy, so don’t be surprised if you’re instantly noticed.


You can also pair this look with a perm (featured further down this list). This style works well on all face shapes and gives a trendy, quirky look.



Men’s hairstyles 2021: Slicked Back



Perfect for those who want to keep a little length. The bonus of a Slicked Back style is that an extra few inches of growth won’t kill your vibe. A simple trim every now and again will keep you looking sharp. You could even add an Undercut for extra drama.


Easy to accessorise if you’re into an Alice band, the key to nailing this men’s hairstyle is to find a great product and use it sparingly to keep the hair looking clean and groomed, rather than weighed down.


If you do opt for this style and need a band to keep the hair off your face during sport, check out our Best headband for men guide. 



Men’s hairstyles 2021: Mullet



Yes, you read that right. The mullet – the hairstyle that screams the 1980s – has made a comeback. Not only was it one of the most-searched-for hairstyles of 2021 – with more than 877,209 Instagram posts dedicated to it – award-winning hairdressers are predicting that it will be all the rage in 2022.


So-called modern mullets work particularly well for those with more distinct face shapes, such as diamond and heart face shapes, because they helping add softness to the face.


They’re also very low-maintenance and can help disguise hair loss or thinning hair.



Men’s hairstyles 2021: Perm



The male perm has undoubtedly been one of the best men’s hairstyles of 2021, and it’s set to continue to dominate into 2022.


Either embracing your natural curls, or having them chemically permed is a great hairstyle for men who want to give the appearance of thicker, fuller-looking hair. You can pair it with short sides and length on top, or you can add a fringe into your perm, which looks great when paired with contrasting short sides, making it a great full-looking style.


The perm also looks great paired with an over comb for those who prefer more of a statement look and want to give their hair even more volume with the addition of the side parting.


“For men thinking about a perm for 2022, my top tips are to speak to your hairdresser about making the perm work for you and your face shape and also to invest in some good quality products to use at home to keep your perm maintained,” Shaw continued.


Use gentle shampoos that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils and affect your perm and also use a conditioner alongside your shampoo, which will help to keep your hair moisturised and your perm long-lasting, whilst also reducing frizz and allowing your perm to look its best.”


For men who don’t want to have length in their perm, the Caesar cut (featured further up this list) is another haircut trend that will be very popular for men in 2022 and this shorter cut looks good teamed with a perm. The style works well on all face shapes and provides men with a very trendy and quirky look.




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