Short haircuts and short hairstyles for men

5 of the best short haircuts for men: How to pull off short hairstyles for any occasion

Whether you’re fed up with your long lockdown locks, or want to look sharp now nights out are back on the cards, here are this year’s best short hairstyles and short haircuts for men 


I f you’re the type of guy who prefers to get up and go, with the least styling effort, a short haircut will be the easiest option for you. Short hairstyles for men are typically easy to cut, simple to style, yet still offering a stylish and masculine look.


From sharp crew cuts to cool quiffs, there are short haircuts that suit all face shapes and the maintenance level you desire.


Compared to long hairstyles, there are also many more options for short haircuts, meaning you can totally embrace who you are and make your hair part of your unique style. In fact, there are so many hairstyle choices it can be difficult to know what will work best for you. The only downside is that you need to stay on top of the style, which can mean more regular trips to the barber!


Below we’ve handpicked the best short hairstyles for men in 2021 that are on-trend and easy to do.


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Short haircuts for men: The Crew Cut


Made popular by Sergio Ramos, Jake Gyllenhaal, Channing Tatum



If you’re looking for a really low-maintenance short hairstyle for men, yet want a classic, stylish finish, then the Crew Cut is for you. Unlike a military Buzz Cut, the Crew Cut isn’t the same length all over, meaning there are more options when it comes to styling and versatility.


The hair can be really short on top or be left longer, meaning you could add a side parting, a messy textured style, or a spiky side-swept look.


If you’ve got a square face and thick hair or you’re trying short hair for the first time, this is your best short hairstyle option.


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Short hairstyles for men: The Disconnected Undercut


Made popular by Brad Pitt, Cillian Murphy, Justin Timberlake




The difference between a Disconnected Undercut and a Classic Undercut is the way the hair transits from the longer crown to the short sides.


The fade is more gradual with a Classic Undercut, but with the Disconnected Undercut, it has a sharp contrast, making it more noticeable and emphasised.


Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, thick hair, or thin hair, there’s a trendy undercut haircut and style that will suit you.



Short hairstyles for men: The Comb-Over


Made popular by George Clooney, Chris Pine, Bradley Cooper



No longer used just to cover the appearance of balding, the Comb-Over short hairstyle for men can suit different textures and lengths.


It’s similar to a side part, but a Comb-Over usually has longer hair on top and therefore emphasises the volume where it might be lacking. You can ask your barber for a razor line to make the difference between the long and short hair even more defined. 


It’s another low-maintenance short hairstyle for men that is ideal for square or oval face shapes and works for both thin and thick hair. If you’re after a professional hairstyle with a dapper look, this could be for you.



Short hairstyles for men: The Faux Hawk


Made popular by Christiano Ronaldo, Adam Levine, Justin Theroux



The Faux Hawk, often referred to as the Fohawk has a few variations to it, meaning you can choose the option that best matches your face shape.


A spin on the iconic punk Mohawk, the Fohawk is supposed to look messy and textured. Instead of bald sides, this version has short sides with a crest on top. It can be created with a hair length as little as an inch (2.5cm) to as much as 4 or 5 inches (10-13cm).


The Faux Hawk is a really versatile haircut because you can combine it with a number of other styles to get a signature look.



Short haircuts for men: The Caesar Cut


Made popular by Antonio Banderas, Gerard Butler, Olly Alexander



Inspired by Julius Caesar, this short haircut for men has certainly stood the test of time. The Caesar cut is a really low-maintenance option and it features hair that is the same length on the top, back and sides, with a short fringe. It gives you a tidy and uniformed look.


If you have straight, wavy, or even curly hair then the Caesar short haircut will work for you. You’ll need a minimum amount of product and the cut will stay in place easily. You can read more about this and other options in our guide to the best men’s hairstyles of 2021. 





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