Best hair clippers for men: Which men’s clippers are worth your hard-earned cash?

We’ve handpicked the best men’s hair clippers designed to suit all budgets and hairstyles 


Y ou’d think it would be straightforward to pick the best hair clippers for men because they all, fundamentally, do the same thing. The reality is very different.


Men’s clippers come with various attachments, and blade types, they come with myriad features and they often sell for wildly ranging prices. Some are wired, others are wireless, for example. Some cost around a tenner, others retail for £250+.


To help you choose which men’s clippers you need, we’ve picked out the best men’s hair clippers in the UK from Boots, Argos, and Amazon. Made by the likes of Wahl, Phillips, BaByliss, and more. We recently spoke to hairstylist Sandy Wood, who revealed how to cut men’s hair with clippers at home so be sure to check that step-by-step guide out if it will be useful.


Below you’ll find five of the best hair clippers for men, including our favourite Editor’s Pick, a Budget Buy, and an indulgent Luxury Buy. Hopefully, there is something here to suit all needs and budgets. Plus, as we put more of these men’s clippers to the test, we’ll be updating this list.


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Best Hair Clippers for Men


Below, we’ve listed what we consider to be the best hair clippers for men in the UK. We then go onto explain more about how to buy men’s clippers and what to look for, before detailing each of our top picks in more detail.


1. Philips Hair Clipper series 5000 Pro Clipper – £39.99

2. Wahl Home Cut Hair Clipper 9155-2217X£10.99

3. BaByliss Pro Cordless Super Motor Collection  – £199.95

4. Philips Series 3000 Family Hair Clipper – £25

5. Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper Cordless Clippers  £43.99


Men’s hair clippers UK: What to look for and consider

Chances are the best men’s hair clippers for your particular needs are those which offer the best value for money. So the best place to start is likely budget.


Price: You can get some men’s hair clippers for as cheap as a tenner that perform admirably, given the price point. Alternatively, you can spend in excess of £250. As you’d imagine, the difference in price represents a difference in quality. It can also mean you get more accessories, or battery power, etc but this isn’t a given. We’ve chosen a number of men’s hair clippers that costs around £50 but perform as well as more expensive models.


We recommend you start at the mid-range (~£30-£50) and see how you get on. If you find yourself not using all the bells and whistles, you can downgrade. If you find yourself using your men’s clippers all the time, you might benefit from paying more.


Wired or wireless: Wireless men’s hair clippers tend to cost more, because of the added convenience of being able to use them anywhere in your house. Wired men’s hair clippers are typically more powerful. Or at the least, they don’t drop power, compared to battery-powered men’s clippers. Consider which is more important to you – convenience, power or price?


Usage: How often do you think you’ll use your hair clippers, or which men’s hair styles are you buying the clippers to achieve? If you’re all about the Buzz Cut, you’ll likely clip your hair weekly. In this case, we recommend spending more to get a decent, long-lasting pair of men’s hair clippers. It’s a false economy to go cheaper if you’re using the clippers all the time. Buy cheap, buy twice, after all!


If you’re looking for clippers to tidy up your hair in between barber cuts, or because lockdown has left you desperate you can get away with a cheaper pair. As above, we recommend you start at the mid-range (~£30-£50) and see how you get on.


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Best men’s hair clippers UK

1. Editor’s Pick: Philips Hair Clipper series 5000 Pro Clipper

£39.99 | Buy now from Amazon


Philips Hair Clipper series 5000 Pro Clipper Philips


Don’t let the fact these men’s clippers have the word Pro in their name, they’re suitable for all levels of experience. Not only does it come with all the tools you need to ensure that your haircut is clean and crisp, but you can also use these hair clippers for your head, body, and face. Making its slightly high price of £40 seem like much better value for money.


These clippers have steel blades, come with a 2.8m cord it gives more power in performance compared to some cordless ones we’ve tried.


In the kit, you also get seven guards for shaping and cutting your hair, and it has a textured handle for a controlled grip.




2. Budget Buy: Wahl Home Cut Hair Clipper 9155-2217X

£10.99 | Buy now from Superdrug


best mens hair clippers cheap budget Wahl Homepro BasicWahl


In men’s clippers circles, Wahl is renowned for selling decent products are low prices. You don’t get loads of bells and whistles, but then these clippers only cost £11, so they’re a great budget choice.


We’ve selected the Homepro Basic because it combines quality with simplicity. This makes these hair clippers for men the ideal kit for a beginner looking for how to cut their hair at home.


Wahl uses so-called high-precision grinding technology, which gives a better cutting performance, and with clippers, the finer the teeth, the finer the quality. The kit includes four attachment combs (grades 1-4, or 3 mm-13 mm) plus a pair of scissors, a barber comb, clipper oil, cleaning brush, and instructions.


You can also use these men’s clippers without a guard to get a close, 0.8mm cut or shave.




3. Luxury Buy: BaByliss Pro Cordless Super Motor Collection

£199.95 | Buy now from Amazon


BaByliss Pro Super Motor Collection best hair clippers UK for menBaByliss


Yes, these are super expensive but they come with a whole host of extra features for your money. Firstly, you get two products for the price of one – men’s clippers and a hair trimmer.


BaByliss described these as “heavy-duty” and what this means, in reality, is that they’re heavy, but that they’ll also last a long time. You can use both either plugged in, or cordless, and as you can see in the photo, they come with a neat charging stand. This also means they can be charged at the same time. Both the clippers and the trimmer have three-hour charge times, which gives the clippers a 2-hour run time. The trimmer then lasts for 85 minutes on a single charge.


These professional clippers come with a high-torque brushless motor, designed to give a lot of power, which increases the blade speed. This works well on all hair lengths but is a particular benefit if you’ve got longer, or thicker hair. The Super Motor Clipper features a five-position taper control and comes with six-comb attachments in grades 1-6.


The Super Motor Trimmer comes with two interchangeable blades (30mm and 400mm adjustable) and the same high-torque brushless motor. Both use Japanese steel blades.




4. Philips Series 3000 Family Hair Clipper 

£25 | Buy now from Boots

Philips Series 3000 Family Hair Clipper Philips


These are great all-rounder men’s clippers that are also perfect for the wider family because they’re so quiet. If you’ve got young kids, the whirr of loud clippers can be a bit scary. This can put them off having their hair trimmed but these clippers are deliberately designed to be powerful but discreet. The motor also reduces the amount of vibration against the head, too, making the whole thing more comfortable.


There are 11 lock-in length settings, allowing you to cut hair from between 3 and 21mm, or 0.5mm without any of the guards and combs attached. The clipper set comes with rounded combs and blade tips to prevent skin irritation, and the stainless steel blades never need oiling, so they’re super low-maintenance, too.



It has rounded combs and blade tips to help prevent skin irritation. Its pop-open head makes it easy to clean, and you can simply use the brush provided to sweep away loose hair.





5. Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper Cordless Clippers

£43.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper Cordless ClippersHatteker



This men’s grooming kit is a great all-purpose collection that covers hair clipping, beard trimming, and detailed trimming. The clippers have steel blades and give a precise cut at six different lengths (3mm, 4-6mm, 7-9mm, 10-12mm, 16-18mm, 22-24mm).


We’re big fans of the fact there’s a display on the front that shows you how much battery life is remaining on the clippers. And once it runs out of charge, you get 2.5 hours of use from a 90 minutes charge. Great if you’ve ever got halfway through a style and the battery on previous men’s clippers has died, meaning you’ve got to wait hours to finish it off!


With the trimmer you get a precision dial from 3mm to 8mm and it’s 100% waterproof. We also like that you can use this with or without the cord.





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