Best hair trimmer for men: How to choose a decent hair trimmer for nasal hairs, ears, balls and beyond

Get rid of uninvited strays, bushy nostrils or tidy up downstairs with our best hair trimmer for men guide


Most of us reach a certain stage of life when we start sprouting hair from unwelcomed places, and while buying the right equipment to tame the uninvited strays is not a very exciting personal care purchase, it’s important to make sure you get the right tool for the job.


The market is flooded with different models and all kinds of surprisingly innovative technology features can be found on these small appliances, so how do you choose the best hair trimmer? 


Things to look out for include charging time or battery life, as most of them are now cordless, as well as considering how easy they’ll be to maintain and clean. You’ll also find some come with different attachments or accessories, which will either add value or sit in a drawer unused.


We’ve taken the hassle out of your search by rounding up seven of the best hair trimmers for men, including our favourite Editor’s Pick, a Budget Buy and an indulgent Luxury Buy.


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Best Hair Trimmer for Men


1. Smity Nose Trimmer £12.99

2. BaBylissMEN 3 in 1 Personal Trimmer£9

3. BALLS trimmerFrom £65

4. Philips Norelco Hair Trimmer 5100£55

5. Panasonic ER-430K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer  – £29.90


1. Editor’s Pick: Smity Nose Trimmer

£12.99 | Buy now

This little beauty, the Smity Nose Trimmer has some of the best features of the other models and is wrapped up in the coolest design.


Its unique aqua colour and smooth design could easily be mistaken for a bottle of aftershave, so there’s no need to hide it away in embarrassment. 


The safety measures are all in place with a cone tip design, and the powerful motor and dual-edge blades means it doesn’t compromise on cutting precision either.


The casing is made from resin, which makes it more durable and comfortable to handle compared to other similar products, and it features a built-in LED light so you won’t miss any hairs! 


It’s got the looks and smarts, all for just £12.99, which is why the Smity is our Editor’s Pick for the best hair trimmer for men – and women.


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2. BaByliss MEN 3 in 1 Personal Trimmer

£9 | Buy now


Best Babyliss hair nasal ear trimmerArgos

At the opposite end of the price scale is the BaByliss Men 3-in-1 trimmer. It will only set you back £9 and you get a lot of features for your money. 


It has three different heads for a variety of needs, including a precision trimmer for sideburns and necklines, a detail trimmer for ear and nose hair, and an eyebrow trimmer that has two different length settings.


It also comes with a neat storage stand for those who like to keep everything in its place, but it looks a little cheap and clunky and it isn’t necessarily an item you’ll want to display by your bedside. 


It’s worth noting that it’s for dry use only, but it’s a good hair trimmer for men looking to spend less than a tenner, and it does come with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


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3. Luxury Buy: BALLS Trimmer 

From £65  | Buy now

Best hair trimmer for ballsBALLS

While it’s true you can use regular hair trimmers on your intimate areas, most are not designed specifically with the skin, contours, and shape of your groin area in mind. If you’re looking to jump on the manscaping bandwagon, certainly if you’re planning to do it regularly, you need to invest in a hair trimmer and brand that gets it. This is where BALLS comes in.


Set up by Tyler Ball and Matt Edge in 2019, the BALLS brand was founded specifically to develop ways to carry out male hair removal in intricate areas while opening up the conversation and breaking taboos on male grooming.


The firm’s patented electric trimming device uses its so-called SackSafe technology to ensure “gentle, safe, and trusted shaving.” This technology has been proven to cut through even thick hair without any pulling, nicks, or cuts thanks to the use of extra-fine trimmers. So confident is the brand in this technology that if you manage to nick your balls while using the BALLS trimmer, it will send another one free of charge.


It’s a pricey piece of kit, in comparison to regular models listed elsewhere in this best hair trimmer for men list, but not only can the BALLS trimmer be used for any hair on your body, but it also comes with a SackSafe Blade, 3/4mm and 5/6mm Guards, a cleaning brush and a rechargeable battery compatible with any USB charging cable.


You can pay for the trimmer on its own, for £69, or you can save money when you sign up for a SackSafe blade subscription, which drops the price down to £65.


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4. Philips Norelco Hair Trimmer 5100

£55 | Buy now

best Philips hair trimmer for men nose earPhilips

This Philips Norelco trimmer is a precision groomer for the nose, ears, eyebrows, neck and sideburns so, while it’s pricey at £55, it is multi-functional and comes with a variety of different attachments including two eyebrow trimming combs, a beard comb, cleaning brush and a storage pouch.  


It has some pretty impressive technology too, with a DualCut detail trimmer that uses two blades for perfect edging of facial hair and built-in ProtecTube technology that prevents skin irritation with its ultra-thin foil guard and rounded tips. 


A two-year warranty provides some peace of mind but, on the downside, it’s not fully waterproof and its ultra-sharp cutting slots promise to ensure all hairs of the nose, ear or eyebrow are quickly cut – which sounds dangerously too effective to us!




5. Panasonic ER-430K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

£15.95 | Buy now

Best Panasonic Nose Trimmer Ear hairPanasonic

The Philips ER430K hair trimmer offers detailed trimming for eyebrows and beards as well as dual-edge blades on the sides and the top of the cutter.


This means it’s great at catching stray hairs, while the safety cone guides the hair onto the blades and protects the skin from direct contact with the rotary cutting system. This should prevent you from over-trimming or causing damage. 


It’s completely waterproof so you can neaten up while you shower, but what we really love is the smart cleaning system that uses a micro vacuum to suck up the trimmed hair particles and deposit them into a chamber that you can simply empty when you’re finished. 





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