Hair spray for men for firm and loose hold hairstyles

Hair spray for men: Keep your style looking fresh and locked in with these best men’s hair sprays

The best hair spray for men should be one that keeps your style looking fresh and clean but keeps it locked in place all-day


G etting your hair to stay in place and hold its style throughout the day (or night) is always a struggle especially if you’re exposed to the elements. Floppy hair, windswept looks, and lifeless styles are not the one.


Fear not! We’ve handpicked what we consider to be the best hair spray for men in the UK. Each of these hair sprays will make sure your style holds in place and looks good whatever you’re doing and whatever the elements have in store for you. We’ve also, separately, got a list of the best hair products for men if you’d rather use a gel, cream or pomade.


For our best hair spray for men guide, we’ve tried to cover all bases in terms of price, eco-friendliness, and how well these sprays keep your hair exactly where you want it. We’ve also provided a few handy tips on what to look out for when buying and how hair spray interacts with your hair and the other products you use to style your hair.


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Hair spray for men: What to look out for




Research has shown that as we head into 2022, braids are the most on-trend with almost 18 million posts.


This is followed by the undercut and mohawk with more than two million posts each.


Elsewhere, the mullet (877,000 posts) is making a comeback, followed by the fade (2.03 million posts).


You can find out more in best men’s hairstyles guide.

Gone are the days of only ever using hair products like gel or wax only.


More and more men are turning to hair sprays in order to help them achieve both the short and long hairstyles they want, and most importantly hold it in place.


Many hairstylists and hairdressers are also turning to hair sprays to help men achieve their desired looks and with so many on the market there’s a smorgasbord of choice.


Hairspray can not only save time and hold your look place but in some cases, it is a preferable choice for many men who perhaps have oily or fine hair.


This is because hairspray creates a similar look to many pastes, gums, and gels, which can make the hair oily, but without any excess oils. This makes your look crisper and sharper with no danger of creating oily or greasy hair.


Hairspray for men is versatile which makes it such a popular choice for men in this day and age, whether you need it just for a problem part of your hair or whether you want to use it all over in order to keep everything in place for the whole day.


Most barbers advise you to use your usual hair wax, gel, or pomade initially to style your hair and then apply hair spray as and when needed in order to keep everything set and held in the fashion you want.


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Best hair spray for men UK


1. Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray£10


2. L’Oreal Men Expert Extreme Lock-in Fixing Spray£4.99


3. Hanz De Fuko Style-Lock Hair Spray for Men – £24


4. Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Volumiser£25


5. Living Proof Style Lab Flex Hair Spray for Men£17.97


6. Fudge Skyscraper Hair Spray for Men £7.50


7. Phillip B Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray for Men £22


1. Editor’s Pick: Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray

£10 | Buy now

Ouai Texturising Hair Spray for MenOuai

The wildly popular and superbly reviewed Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray is top of our best hair spray for men list for the reason that it not only holds your style in place but also importantly protects your hair whilst doing so.


This product features what the brand calls memory polymer technology that Ouai promises to remember your hairstyles and shapes for future use.


It’s free from parabens and chemicals and gives your hair ultimate volume and style, requiring only a light mist of spray in order to hold everything together stylishly.




2. Budget Buy: L’Oreal Men Expert Extreme Lock-in Fixing Spray 

£12.99 | Buy now

Cheap hair spray for men from LorealL'Oreal

The go-to hair spray for men if you want value for money and your look to stay how you styled it.


The extreme fixing spray ensures a long-lasting hold, for up to 48 hours and would be the perfect choice for a locked-in style for a weekend away at a festival where you might not be able to change up your style as easily.


This product has universal appeal across its many positive reviews due to its suitability for all styles and types of hair creating a firm, secure look.



3. Luxury Buy: Hanz De Fuko Style-Lock Hairspray

£24 | Buy now 

Hanz De Fuko hair spray for menHanz De Fuko

Hanz De Fuko is the go-to on the market right now for hair products that are meticulously designed for style and healthy hair.


The brand features in our best hair products for men guide for this reason.


This is no more evidenced than by the fact that the style lock hairspray has been three years in the making, with Hanz De Fuko working to perfect this formula in the lab.


The product protects your hair from the various environmental factors it is subjected to daily which can degrade hair colour and strength whilst also including ingredients that have Nutritive cascade technology that actively reinforces the strength and structure of your hair.


This malleable hair spray for men is ideal for the modern man wanting to own the best hair spray on the market.




4. Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Volumiser 

£25 | Buy now

Kevin Murphy best hair spray for men with loose holdKevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy is a world-renowned stylist in his own right so it makes sense that he would have helped formulate and put his name to one of the best hair sprays for men on the market.


This ‘anti-gravity’ product is designed specifically for damp or wet hair to give it volume and style immediately after washing. It also nourishes the hair it is applied to.


With extracts of manuka honey and grapefruit, this spray not only smells fresh but makes your hair look just as good, and hold its style.


Best of all, it is environmentally friendly with it designed specifically as a weightless non-aerosol spray ideal for the conscious man in your life who also appreciates great style.



5. Living Proof Style Lab Flex Hairspray

£17.97 | Buy now

Living Proof Flex mens hair spray


If you’re looking for hair spray for men that has a slightly looser hold, in order to mould to every whim throughout the day, then this spray would be the ideal purchase.


The flexible web technology found in this spray makes versatility its key component but the B5 Vitamins included within its composition make it a healthy choice for your hair too.


However, the fact that it’s got a slightly looser hold does mean it won’t hold up in those wet and windy British days and nights during the winter.




6. Fudge Skyscraper Hair Spray for Men

£12.99 | Buy now

Fudge firm hold hair spray for menFudge

Fudge has long been at the forefront of the male hair grooming scene and the confectionary inspired named brand continues this with its Skyscraper hair spray.


Another favourite of many a hair stylist.


This hair spray for men will arguably give you the strongest hold of any of the products on this list, designed to withstand not only wet and windy conditions but even humid weather as well.


This product promises to not leave the stereotypical and uncomfortable crispy residue of some hairsprays.


If you’re looking for strong hold with a sleek stylish finish then this is the spray for you.




7. Phillip B Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray

£22 | Buy now

Philip B hair spray for menPhilip B

At the higher end of the price spectrum comes the Phillip B Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray.


As the name suggests, this hair spray for men gives you ultimate precision and accuracy when using this on your style.


Its super lightweight consistency allows you to perfectly manipulate your hair in terms of texture, volume and style.


Its suitability for all hair types offsets its higher price on the market and means it’s accessible for use for any man wanting a luxurious hair spray.





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