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Hair wax for men: Create a flexible style that lasts with our best hair wax for men list

We’ve handpicked what we consider to be the best hair wax for men. Whether you’re after firm or natural hold, or whether you want something cheap or premium, there should be something for everyone 


G etting your barber to give you one of the best men’s hairstyles around is only the first step towards coiffured perfection. You also need the best hair products to keep that style looking its best.


With this in mind, we’ve handpicked what we consider to be the best hair wax for men in our list below. Maybe you’re looking to modernise your look and you’re not sure which hair wax is suitable, or perhaps you just want a change to your current wax choice? From high-street bargains to top-end luxury products, we’ve tried to cover all bases to make sure you land on the right hair wax for you.


On top of this, we’ve also provided a handy explainer to understand the different types of waxes available and what to look out for when buying.


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Hair wax for men: What to look out for


Hair wax is similar to a paste or hair clay, but it tends to be lighter and more fluid. The three products can often be grouped together as they perform a similar function for your hair, however, the key difference is waxes usually offer a more natural look and flexibility. This means hair wax is great if you’re looking for a natural, casual, not too over-groomed look.


A lot of waxes include ingredients like beeswax, candelilla and castor, which is why they are so easy to use when wanting to change up your style and mould your look every time you apply it. Products that contain beeswax aren’t classified as vegan, though, so if that’s important to you it’s worth looking to see if you can find an alternative.


Then you need to factor in the scent, the look you’re trying to achieve, and wax’s consistency. This is determined by the amount of oil that is present in the wax and if you have particularly greasy hair, you may want to look for waxes that are less oily while also being lightweight.


If you have short to medium length hair, wax can be a better alternative to gel as it allows you to have more control over your look when applied. Moreover, some hair gels actually act as an agent in drying out your hair if applied over a long time whereas with the use of wax you can avoid this.


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Best hair wax for men UK


1. Fudge Matte Hed Mouldable£14.95


2. VO5 Styling Matte Paste£4.39


3. Acqua Di Parma Barbiere Hair Wax – £31


4. Salt Hybrid Hair£17.99


5. Gents of London Carbon Clay£7.99


6. Layrite Cement Clay£17.99


7. KMS Hair Play Dry Wax £17



1. Editor’s Pick: Fudge Matte Hed Mouldable

£11.79 | Buy now

Fudge Matte Hed MouldableFudge

Fudge has long been at the forefront of the male hair grooming scene and the brand continues this with its Matte Hed Mouldable product.


Designed for ease of use and total control of your style, this hair wax for men is perfect if you’re after a naturally moulded look.


According to Fudge, 7/10 users have confirmed this product ‘gave them the confidence that their hair was looking good all day’ and with that sort of backing you can be sure that this wax will be ideal for confidence in your look.




2. Budget Buy: VO5 Styling Matte Paste

£4.39 | Buy now

VO5 Matt Styling PasteVO5

The most reliable and fairly priced option on our best hair wax for men list comes in the shape of the VO5 Styling Matte Paste.


Perhaps not quite as glamorous as some of the other entries in this list, but still providing the essentials in hair styling.


The paste gives you a matte finish and is totally reworkable, all while promising to meet the needs of holding your hairstyle in place for the entire day.


For this price and this level of satisfaction from customers, you can’t go wrong with VO5.



3. Luxury Buy: Acqua Di Parma Barbiere Hair Wax – £31

£31 | Buy now 

ACQUA DI PARMA Barbiere fixing strong hold waxAcqua Di Parma

At the higher end of the price spectrum comes the Acqua Di Parma Barbiere strong hold wax.


Acqua Di Parma, often known for its range of signature fragrances, also has a foot in the grooming world with its line of firm-hold waxes.


Developed and approved by Di Parma’s in house barbers, this wax ensures a firm hold on your hair to keep your style throughout the day.


The brand suggests using this particular wax with a comb rather than the standard practice of hand application, in order to meticulously place your hair in the desired style.


It’s recommended for all hair lengths and types, and promises to give your hair a luxurious hold. 




4. Salt Hybrid Hair – £17.99

£17.99 | Buy now


Salt proclaims this to be its ‘flagship product’ and it’s easy to see why this is the case.


As the name suggests, this hair wax for men is actually a combination of wax and clay and therefore gives you all the benefits of both in one handy pot.


Combining Icelandic Bentonite clay with organic British beeswax, this product is popular with men across the country. It additionally contains unrefined Atlantic Sea salt in order to keep excess oils and grease under control.


Salt Hybrid Hair is a great choice for moulding your hair into something great. 



5. Gents of London Carbon Clay 

£7.99 | Buy now

Gents of London Carbon Clay Matt Medium Hold Professional Hair Wax for men Gents of London

Despite its high-end packaging, this product is super affordable while offering superb hold and styling creds.


Gents of London claims Carbon Clay is the brand’s number one bestselling hair clay because it enhances texture with a matt finish and medium hold.


It’s ideal for most hair types but is particularly suited to short/medium hairstyles and uses a combination of clay and beeswax to add separation and mouldability.


This product also has a water-based formula, made in England, which means it won’t weigh your hair down. It’s also paraben- and cruelty-free.



6. Layrite Cement Clay 

£16.99 | Buy now

Layrite Layrite Cement Hair ClayLayrite

If you’re looking for a really strong hold but still want a natural, relaxed style, Layrite’s Cement Clay is the best hair wax for you.


Although this product is technically a clay, rather than a wax, the properties and end goals are the same.


It texturises and thickens your hair and can be used in dry or damp hair, meaning if you’re in a rush having just jumped out of the shower you can throw this in and be on your way with your desired look and hold.




7. KMS Hair Play Dry Wax

£17 | Buy now

KMS HairPlay Dry WaxKMS

If applying wax with your hands isn’t something you enjoy, the KMS Hair Play is the wax of your dreams.


The dry wax is applied by spraying directly onto your hair – much like hair spray but without turning your hair into an unmoveable rock-like substance.


The KMS hair play delivers a matte-like, relaxed finish for your hair while the use of Rice Powder provides the hold. This hair wax for men also gives your syle the kind of movement and pliability you find in all good hair waxes.


On top of this, the KMS Dry Wax comes with a refreshing peppermint scent to create the full package of a great hair wax.





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