Match short, medium and long beard styles for men to your face shape

Beard styles for men with every face shape from round to square and everything in between

From neat beard styles for men to long and full, we reveal how to choose a style to suit your face shape. We also give tips on how to take care of your beard so that it always looks its best – whatever length it is


I n the same way the best hairstyles can make or break your look, choosing the right beard style for your face shape can completely change how people perceive you.


Whether you want to showcase your creativity, give off an air of intelligence and professionalism or simply want something low maintenance, there are a number of beard styles to choose from.


Below we explain the different beard styles for men – from short and neat, to long and full. We reveal which styles best suit which face shapes, and we also give tips on how to take care of whichever style you opt for.


We have also separately chosen our best short, medium and long beard styles here, if you want more inspiration!


How to choose your beard style


Your beard style will define the contours of your face. This means that in order to find the right beard style for you, you need to consider your face shape, hair type, and personal style.


We explain how to find your face shape in our What hairstyle suits me and my face shape? guide. The video below also shows you how to take the different measurements.



The image below shows the different variations in face shapes in men. You may find it easier to compare your face to one of those featured in order to determine what shape you have. Alternatively, you can base it on your measurements if you want to be more accurate.


Write down your measurements and then compare the results with the combinations listed.


If your forehead is wider than your cheekbones and jawline = heart-shaped face. Jump straight to beard styles for heart-shaped faces 


How to choose your beard style for your face shapeGetty Images/iStockphoto

If your face length is the largest measurement, followed by your cheekbones = diamond-shaped face. Jump straight to beard styles for diamond-shaped faces 



If your face is longer than it is wide, but the rest of the measurements are around the same width = oblong face. Jump straight to beard styles for oblong faces 



If your face is longer than it is wide, your forehead and cheekbones are the same/similar width but your jawline is narrower = oval face.  Jump straight to beard styles for oval faces 



If all of your measurements are the same, or similar = round face. Jump straight to beard styles for round faces 



If all your measurements are the same/similar but you also have a strong and defined jawline (you can tell this by looking at your face side on) = square face. Jump straight to beard styles for square faces 



If your jaw is wider than your cheekbones, and your cheekbones are wider than your forehead = triangle-shaped face. Jump straight to beard styles for triangle-shaped faces 



Beard styles for men


Once you’ve determined your face shape you can then narrow down your beard style based on length. As a rule, there are five main styles but each one has variations within it. We’ve listed the five types below, and then showcased the many, many variations and their names further down.


As a rule, short beard styles and particularly those with more precise shapes are the hardest to maintain and keep on top of. Long beard styles may take more daily care, like beard oils or being brushed, but you can get away with minimal maintenance over longer periods. Click the picture below to open the image in a new tab.


Beard styles for men UK short medium longShutterstock/MBman


Short beard styles: These are typically neat and tidy and range from standard stubble to beard styles such as goatees, circle beards, anchor beards, the soul patch, and Balbo beards. Imperial beards can be short beard styles, or medium beard styles depending on how far you grow your chin hair


Medium beard styles: These are longer than stubble and short styles but not as full or thick as long beard styles. Medium beard styles include chin curtains, circle beards, and extended goatees. Depending on the length, it can also include the ducktail, French fork, and mutton chops


Long beard styles: These are the longest, fullest beard styles for men. They include the standard full beard as well the Verdi, Garibaldi.


Moustache styles: If your facial hair grows in patches or it doesn’t pass a certain length or fullness, you can opt for a moustache. There are more moustache styles than any other beard styles for men and this is where you can truly show off your creativity. There’s the pencil, the walrus, the chevron, the handlebar, English, lampshade and many more.


Beard styles for heart-shaped faces


Heart-shaped faces tend to have more defined chins so they’re best suited to beard styles that soften it while accentuating the rest of the jaw, to balance the bottom half of the face out.

Beard styles for heart-shaped faces men

This means the best beard styles for men with heart-shaped faces include: Mutton chops, chin curtain/strap and the extended goatee.


Beard styles for round faces

Round faces suit the majority of beard styles for men because, by their nature, beards help break up the face and draw attention to the chin. That said, the best beard styles for round faces are those which create angles, to minimise the impact of rounded cheeks.

Beard Styles for Round Faces MenMBman

To achieve an angular look, which in turn will make your face look slimmer, you need to choose what’s known as a short-boxed beard. These include Balbo beards, the French Fork, Ducktail, a Van Dyke or an extended goatee. A soul patch is also a good option when looking for a less-is-more style.


Beard styles for square faces


Square faces are seen as highly masculine because they create strong jawlines and cheekbones. Beard styles for square faces should therefore enhance, rather than hide, these chiselled features.

Beard styles for square faces men UKMBman

The best beard styles for square faces include the extended goatee, long stubble and circle beards among others.


Beard styles for oval faces


Oval faces are generally well balanced so there aren’t many beard styles that don’t work. Whichever style you choose, however, should aim to maintain the natural oval shape of the face while adding focus to the jaw and chin.

Beard styles for oval faces men UKMBman

The best beard styles for square faces include the full beard, the chin curtain, the extended goatee and long stubble.


Beard styles for triangle/diamond faces


By their definition, both triangle and diamond-shaped faces have narrow, pointy jawlines. This means that the beard styles that work best for these face shapes are those which add a bit of fullness, width and definition. In short, if you have a triangle or diamond face, your beard style should make it look more oval.

Beard styles for triangle faces and diamond facesMBman

With this in mind, the best beards for triangle faces are stubble, long stubble, full beard, an extended goatee, Garibaldi and Bandholz.


Beard styles for oblong faces


People with oblong-shaped faces need to avoid shapes that are too long or pointy because these styles throw their face shape out of balance. Instead, the best beard styles for oblong faces are those which are fuller and which let the hair grow further up the cheeks, to give the appearance of a shorter face.

Beard styles for oblong facesMBman

If you’re got an oblong face, opt for beard styles that include stubble, long stubble, full beard, side whiskers, mutton chops and the Hulihee.


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How to style a beard


Beard care is important, whether you’ve opted for one of our listed short, medium or long beard styles.  To keep your beard looking its best, and in check follow these tips:


1. Use a beard brush or comb to groom your beard every day. This will help keep it looking neat and tidy.


2. Use a beard oil or balm to keep your beard moisturised. This will help prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.


3. Trim your beard regularly. Use a pair of scissors or clippers to trim the length and shape of your beard.


4. Wash your beard regularly with a mild shampoo or soap. This will help keep it clean and healthy.





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