Best hair dye for men, from Just For Men to London Hair Architects and SoftSheen-Carson

Whether you’re looking to cover greys or experiment with a new colour, check out our best hair dye men list for inspiration


L ong gone are the days when men were expected to put up or shut up about their grey hairs. There are a number of hair dyes designed with men in mind if you’re looking to switch things up. And you don’t have to wait until you start looking like a silver fox.


Hair dye can completely transform your look, from making your eye colour stand out, to even making your complexion warmer. It’s also available in a huge range of colours. The majority we’ve listed below are designed for more subtle looks and changes. Stylists recommend you only go a shade or two darker than your natural hair, or one shade lighter if you’re doing the dying at home.


If you’re feeling adventurous and want to go a little more extreme, especially if you’re looking to add bleach to your hair, we suggest you go to a hairdresser and have a colour consultation first. They will make sure you can mix up your hair colour safely.



Hair dye for men: What to look out for


Home hair dyes are sold in two main formulas – permanent or semi-permanent.


If you’re looking to dye your hair at home, doing the following will give the best results:


Shampoo your hair a few days before and make sure it’s free from styling products before dying.


Read the directions of the home hair dye kit. They can vary.


Apply Vaseline around your hairline and ears to avoid stains.


As the name suggests, permanent hair dye will last until your natural hair colour starts growing back through.


Semi-permanent will fade each time you wash and gradually disappear. Typically within 8-12 washes.


Permanent is great for coverage and long-lasting results, semi-permanent is great if you want to experiment with colour or minimise greys without going the whole hog.


If you want to embrace your greys gradually, semi-permanent will get you (and others) more used to the grey poking through until you’re ready to let them shine through.


The important thing to remember with both home hair dye types is to always do a patch test. Always read the instructions before use, too.


Take a small dot of dye and place it someone conspicuous – ideally behind your ear.


If you get any redness or irritation it suggests that you’re allergic to the dye and should avoid using it.


Best hair dye for men UK


1. Just For Men Hair Colourant £6.35


2. Superdrug Hair Colour For Men £5.49


3. Wella Professional SP Men Natural Shade Gradual Tone£12


4 . SoftSheen-Carson Dark & Natural £7.49


5. London Hair Architects – £9.99


1. Editor’s Pick: Just For Men Hair Colourant

£6.35 | Buy now from Boots


Just For Men Hair ColourantJust For Men


Chances are, Just For Men will have been the first brand you considered or thought of before looking for the best hair dye for men. It is the OG of men’s hair dye and is still hugely popular.


As the marketing promises, Just For Men truly does cover greys in just five minutes and gives a natural finish to your hair. The dye itself contains keratin, olive oil and Vitamin E to give strength back to your hair.


Inside the box is the colour base, developer, applicator and gloves. To apply, mix the colour base and developer, rub it into your hair, leave for five minutes and then rinse. It’s so simple.



2. Budget Buy: Superdrug Hair Colour For Men

£5.49 | Buy now from Superdrug


Superdrug Hair Colour For MenSuperdrug


Superdrug’s own-brand hair dye for men ticks a lot of boxes. It’s affordable, it’s been salon-tested and it’s ammonia-free. It blends greys nicely and adds subtle tones to match your natural hair colour.


Like the Just For Men dye, Superdrug’s Hair Colour For Men has a non-drip formula and works in just five minutes. The results then last up to six weeks. If you have stubborn greys you can leave the dye on for seven minutes but don’t leave it on for much longer. You could either go too dark, and make it look unnatural, or you could damage your hair.



3. Luxury Buy: Wella Professional SP Men Natural Shade Gradual Tone

£25 | Buy now from Amazon


Wella Professional SP Men Natural Shade Gradual ToneWella Professional


This kit is a little more pricey compared to others in our best hair dye for men list, but it’s because you get a whole kit thrown in. As you have probably guessed, this hair dye gradually restores your shade, rather than providing full coverage.


It’s a permanent dye and covers up to 70% of greys meaning it’s great if you want to go darker while keeping a flavour of salt and pepper colouring. Plus, the addition of Vitamin C helps treat the hair from breaking during colouring.


Inside the kit is a brush to apply the gradual tone mousse hair dye and gloves to protect your hands. You’ll also get a shampoo thrown in to help soothe the scalp.



4. SoftSheen-Carson Dark & Natural

£7.49 | Buy now from Amazon


Softsheen Carson hair dye for menSoftsheen-Carson


The experts at SoftSheen-Carson have specialised in developing hair and beauty products for people of African descent for more than 110 years.


Textured hair tends to be more fragile when wet so you’ll need a hair dye for men that’s gentle enough to protect the style while being effective at covering greys.  The box contains one tube of colourant, developer, comb and a pair of gloves.


Apply to the hair like shampoo and leave for five minutes. This dye is ammonia-free and gives up to six weeks of colour.



5. London Hair Architects Instant Hair Dye shampoo

£9.99 | Buy now from London Hair Architects


London Hair Architects Instant Hair Dye ShampooLondon Hair Architects


No-fuss or frills, the Instant Hair Dye shampoo from London Hair Architects has to be the simplest way to dye your hair and beard.


Each pack comes with four sachets of hair dye shampoo, meaning it should last you four months, and it covers greys in as little as three minutes.


It does only come in two colours – black or brown – and the brand recommends you dye your hair 1-2 days before any planned outings, in order to give the colour time to settle. So don’t be shocked if the colour comes out darker than you’d planned.


You then leave the black shampoo on for three minutes, and the brown shampoo on for up to eight minutes. Leaving either on longer will just make the colour darker and deeper.


To make sure that you do your patch test, London Hair Architects offers free patch tests with every order. You just need to type FREEPATCHTEST at checkout.






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