Wild deodorant for him review UK

Wild deodorant review: Is the refillable Wild deodorant for men as effective as it claims?

In our Wild deodorant for him review, we see whether the natural, aluminium-free refills are worth the hype or worth avoiding



T here seems to be a glut of natural, refillable deodorants nowadays but one of the OGs is Wild. It not only promises to stop sweating without the use of salts or other ingredients that block sweat glands, but it gets rid of the plastic found in many men’s deodorants.


As the company itself explains: “Many mainstream antiperspirants contain a synthetic group of aluminium salts.


“Their function is to reduce sweating by being absorbed into the body and temporarily blocking sweat glands. By preventing perspiration, there is less opportunity for the growth of odour-causing bacteria which form when sweat lingers on the skin.”


So we wanted to put these claims to the test.


If you want to see the results, keep reading our Wild deodorant for Him review or you can jump to the relevant sections using the links in the box on the left. We’ve also started rounding up the best men’s deodorant options in the UK on our deodorant for men page.




Wild deodorant review

Is wild deodorant effective for men and people who sweat a lot?Wild

What is Wild deodorant? Wild deodorant is a natural, biodegradable, refillable deodorant that can be posted through your door. It doesn’t use aluminium-salts, parabens or unnecessary chemicals.


Does Wild deodorant stop sweat? Wild deodorant is effective at stopping sweat because it’s made using tapioca starch, antibacterial baking soda and essential oils. The tapioca absorbs sweat, the baking soda kills the bacteria (and in turn, the B.O. this bacteria causes) and the essential oils give the natural deodorant its smell. Both the starch, and the baking soda work in a similar way to how aluminium salts work in normal deodorants and antiperspirants. It’s these salts that leave yellow stains on your clothes, too.


Wild deodorant price: A Wild deodorant subscription costs £12 a month. A One-Off purchase costs £25 for a case and three scents. The Full Monty option costs £35 for a case and five scents. You can then buy refills for £6 each, three miniature versions of the deodorant for £12, or five mini deodorants for £17.


Wild deodorant cases: Limited-edition Wild deodorant cases cost £12 outside of a subscription, regular cases cost £10. At the time of writing, the limited-edition cases include a Mirror version, and a Retro Swirl case. Other case options include:


  • Gold Case
  • Aqua Case
  • Pink Case
  • Black Case
  • Coral Case
  • Purple Case


These cases can be personalised for an additional fiver.


Wild deodorant casesWild


Wild deodorant scents: Wild deodorant scents change semi-regularly with the release of limited-edition versions. At the time of writing, the fragrances include:


  • Apple & Cinnamon*
  • Mulled Wine: Smells like red wine, cloves, oranges, plums, and cinnamon
  • Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt: Inspired by freshly washed clothes on a clothing line*
  • Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom*
  • Mint & Aloe Vera
  • Pomegranate & Pink Peppercorn: A mix of pomegranate with plum, amber, musk cedarwood, and patchouli
  • Coconut & Vanilla*
  • Sandalwood & Patchouli


The scents marked with an asterisk are also available in a separate version that’s more suitable for sensitive skin. 


Where to buy Wild deodorant UK:  Wild | Sainsbury’s | Holland & Barrett


How we tested the Wild deodorant


For our Wild deodorant review, we spent two months using it as our main source of underarm protection. We tested the Orange Zest scent in the black case.


We wore it every day for work, going to the gym and on nights out.


We got our mates and our partner to give us a smell on different occasions too. Which was a bit weird (but effective).






Wild deodorant refills price and scentsWild

As a cream deodorant stick, the Wild deodorant has a solid consistency yet it goes on surprisingly well and melts into the skin as it heats up on your armpit.


It also doesn’t gather on your armpit hair like other balms and deodorant sticks we’ve tried.


You don’t need to use a lot –  a single up-and-down motion – should be enough to offer decent protection, even at the gym.


The positive thing about this is that it makes a Wild deodorant refill last a while.


At the end of our two-month Wild deodorant review, we still had plenty to spare. This is worth knowing when choosing a subscription plan.



Is Wild deodorant effective?

Wild deodorant prices and subscriptionWild

On one hand, Wild calls itself a deodorant. On the other, it claims to work like an antiperspirant. If you’re not sure what the difference is, a “deodorant” protects against odour, but doesn’t block sweat. An “antiperspirant” uses a chemical to block sweat, which in turn helps prevent odour by stopping bacteria breeding.


As a result, we weren’t sure what to expect when it came to using the Wild deodorant. Thankfully, during our entire Wild deodorant review, our armpits never felt clammy.


The fragrances aren’t strong, but they’re effective enough and they last well into the evening. We also never got any marks, streaks or residue from the Wild deodorant on our clothes. We could get dressed immediately, and even apply the deodorant under our top without any of it rubbing off.



Wild deodorant alternatives

Proverb natural deodorantProverb


Typology’s Natural deodorant is a decent Wild deodorant alternative.


You don’t get as many cases or scents to choose from, in fact, you get just two – Bergamot Green Mandarin, and Rose Vanilla for sensitive skin – but you don’t have to pay as much either. A one-off Typology deodorant costs £14.50 versus £25.


UK-based Proverb is another good Wild deodorant dupe (pictured left).


It comes in Core or Active formulations –the latter being particularly good for people who sweat a lot or who are active. It then comes in three scents: Wild Mint and Eucalyptus, Coconut and Tonka, and Sensitive and Unfragranced.


The scents last all day and you only need a small amount to keep you dry. A starter pack, which includes the case and a refill cost £15 as a one-off or £12 on a subscription. Two scents and a case cost £30.


Wild deodorant review: Verdict


Wild isn’t the only natural deodorant in the UK, and over the past year or so quite a few alternatives have cropped up. However, none offer the same range as Wild and none are as easy to get hold of since Wild partnered with high-street stores including Sainsbury’s and Holland & Barrett.


It’s effective and helps stop sweat all day. Plus, for every deodorant Wild sells, it contributes towards a global tree planting initiative through charity OnAMission.


It is also working towards being a carbon-positive company, offsetting all of its omissions.


The downside is that it’s not cheap, and this can make other natural deodorants look tempting but if you can afford it, we think it’s worth it.





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