Best mens deodorant and natural deodorant for men cheap and luxury

Best deodorant for men UK: 15 of the best men’s deodorant and antiperspirants for sweat and B.O

Looking for the best deodorant for men? We’ve got you covered with deodorant sticks, roll-ons, natural, and antiperspirant sprays for every budget and skin type




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D uring lockdown, sales of both women’s and men’s deodorant slumped as people were spending days on end at home.


Yet, as the restrictions are now a distant memory, many of us have once again been keen to sort out the stench. Either that or having had the chance to live a little more sustainably in the wake of Covid, it’s got us reaching for more natural deodorant alternatives.


With this in mind, we’ve handpicked what we consider to be the best deodorants for men, from the likes of Mitchum, Dove, Wild and more.


There should be something here for all budgets and skin types but if we’ve missed out on your favourite, or you’d like us to review one brand in particular, let us know.


To help get you started, we’ve listed what to look out for when shopping for deodorant for men and revealed our best men’s deodorant list.


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Best men’s deodorant UK



Proverb Natural Deodorant: Best men’s deodorant stick

£15 (or £12 per month) | Buy now


Proverb natural deodorantProverb

For all of the hype surrounding Wild’s subscription service, one UK-based brand gets largely overlooked, despite being better value for money. The brand in question is Proverb and it offers a huge number of benefits. Firstly, its natural deodorant is plant-based, vegan, and contains no aluminium, aerosol gases, petroleum or parabens.


There are two formulations – Core and Active – and these each come in three scents: Wild Mint and Eucalyptus, Coconut and Tonka, and Sensitive and Unfragranced. We have reviewed the former two scents and we can’t get enough of the Coconut and Tonka. The scents last all day and you only need a small amount to keep you dry.


Proverb claims that using each 70g refill (which is the largest refill on the market) once a day will see the deodorant last eight weeks. However, this doesn’t quite do it justice and ours has lasted six months and counting.


Price-wise, Proverb is cheaper still. A starter pack, which includes the case and a refill costs £15 as a one-off, or £12 on subscription. Two scents and a case cost £30. When you’re ready to buy a new refill, you can then spend £15 as a one-off purchase, or £12 for a subscription. Replacement cases then cost a fiver each, and come in yellow, white, black and grey.


There are few things not to like about this natural deodorant and if it wasn’t for its price, compared to all the entries in this list, it would have ranked even higher. The price gets you a whole load of bang for your buck, but not everyone can afford £12 a month (or they don’t want to!)


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Fussy Natural Deodorant for B.O: Best for B.O

From £13 | Buy now

Fussy deodorant for men reviewFussy

If you’re an avid Dragon’s Den viewer you’ve likely heard of Fussy deodorant after Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones invested in the London-based brand.


Like the growing number of natural, and refillable deodorant brands of late, Fussy sells cases with deodorant refills in a range of scents. You can buy them as one-off purchases or subscribe and save money, and the formulas are free of parabens, and aluminium and are vegan and cruelty-free. The cases are then made from recycled plastic, and the refills are all compostable.


Unlike ofter natural deodorant rivals, however, Fussy’s formulas are also what’s known as probiotic. That is, they contain bacteria that “eats” sweat molecules. It might sound odd that to fight the bacteria of B.O you have to apply bacteria but that’s exactly why Fussy works so well.


Everyone’s armpits (and skin in general) have their own microbiomes which are ecosystems of good and bad bacteria that should live in balance and harmony. However, this delicate balance can be knocked out of whack by washing too much – yes, really – using harsh chemicals, having showers or baths that are too hot, washing powders and more. What happens is that such activities wipe out good bacteria, which lets the bad bacteria take over and this is what causes your armpits to smell.


Fussy uses a bacteria called Lactobacillus, found in yoghurt and milk, which works to gradually inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria. It effectively replenishes the good bacteria by getting rid of the bad.


The other main ingredients used across the Fussy range include sunflower wax, coconut oil, shea butter, caprylic, tapioca, sodium bicarb, magnesium hydroxide. Bicarb, in high amounts, can cause irritation but Fussy has worked to use much smaller amounts to reduce the chances of irritation.


The cases come in Midnight, Mint Green, Ocean Blue, Burnt Orange, Blush and Lilac colours and there are then seven scents to choose from:


  • Tropic Tonic: Lime, Basil and Mandarin
  • Wide-Eyed Citrus: Mandarin, grapefruit and black pepper
  • Wavy Days: Eucalyptus, Sage and Peppermint
  • Cloud Nine: Cotton, Sandalwood and Vetiver
  • Night Tales: Cedar, Cinnamon and Patchouli
  • Sun Drunk: Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and Star Anise
  • Bare All: Unscented


A case plus one refill costs £13 if you sign up for a monthly Fussy subscription. You are then sent three refills for £15 once every three months. Alternatively, you can buy the case and two refills for £20 as a one-off purchase, or a case and four refills for £32 as a one-off.




Kiehl’s Body Fuel: Best antiperspirant for men

£18 | Buy now

Kiehls mens deodorant antiperspirant reviewKiehl's

The Kiehl’s Body Fuel antiperspirant deodorant keeps excess sweat and B.O. at bay all day. Despite being a roll-on, it dries surprisingly quickly meaning you don’t get that sticky or tacky feeling when using it.


It smells fresh; almost citrusy without being too overpowering and the scent lasts as long as its protection.


Elsewhere, this men’s antiperspirant contains caffeine, Vitamin C and zinc. Zinc is what gives this men’s deodorant its odour-fighting power.


Zinc has antibacterial properties and clinical studies have proved its effectiveness in helping wounds to heal. This is great in a men’s deodorant because it kills the bacteria that cause the smell while keeping the area clean. It’s also probably why Kiehl’s charges a fair whack for it.


Vitamin C is used to brighten the skin, meaning it can lighten your armpits, while caffeine improves skin health by stimulating blood circulation to the area.


Kiehl’s claims this men’s deodorant antiperspirant will cover you for 48 hours but we’re yet to try this because we love a daily shower. That said, it definitely lasts more than 17 hours (the longest we’ve tested it) so will be great for a day at work and a night out after at least.


It does dry quickly, and we’ve never stained our clothes with it but it’s worth just making sure it’s dry completely before getting dressed. To be on the safe side. Plus, this make sure you don’t accidentally rub any off, thus reducing its impact and effect.



Vichy 7 Days Anti-Perspirant deodorant: Best men’s deodorant for sweat

£9.50 | Buy now

Vichy best deodorant for sweaty menVichy

If you’re particularly sweaty, or you have sensitive skin, this deodorant from Vichy is worth a go. Firstly, it’s a cream so it’s super easy to apply, gives great coverage and a little goes a long way.


Known as a “micro-refined deodorant”, this antiperspirant then uses active ingredients that are twice as small as those found in traditional men’s deodorants. This helps increase the targeting of sweat pores and penetrate thr skin more deeply.


Vichy claims this antiperspirant gives “guaranteed protection up to seven days” – hence the products’ name – and while we haven’t felt confident enough to go a full week without topping it up, there has been a marked and noticeable in both the amount we’ve been sweating, as well as odour.


Plus, the more you use this, the better the results get. It’s not cheap but it’s far from expensive when compared to other entries in our list of the best men’s deodorants. You also get a lot of value for money. What’s more, this deodorant is suitable for men and women so you could share it with a partner or family member if you’re reluctant to spend a tenner straight off the bat.



Mitchum Invisible Men Pure Energy: Best cheap men’s deodorant for sweat

£2.99 | Buy now

Mitchum Invisible Men Pure Energy AntiperspirantMitchum

Mitchum is widely known for making effective, long-lasting deodorant. In fact, its slogan since 2007 has been: “So effective you can skip a day.”


This antiperspirant-deodorant is ideal for men that like to go camping or go to festivals for a few days, with the lack of shower facilities. It is the ideal ‘fresh’ companion.


If you’re the man that likes to keep things simple, too, this is the best men’s deodorant.


It has a hint of a fresh smell that isn’t overpowering and it’s highly rated because it doesn’t leave whites on clothes. It’s also great for sensitive skin. The only downside is that the spray can feel a bit harsh, so hold it at a distance from your pits to avoid it stinging.


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Mio Skincare Pit Proof deodorant: Best vegan deodorant for men

£12 | Buy now

Mio Skincare Pit Proof Deodorant for men reviewMio Skincare

Proving you don’t have to sacrifice the performance of the best men’s deodorant to make sure it’s vegan and cruelty-free, this Pit Proof Natural Deodorant from Mio Skincare combines style with substance.


Committed to producing products that are better for the body, for animals and for the environment, Mio’s Pit Proof Natural Deodorant is an aluminium-free balm made from moisture-controlling minerals and so-called sugar shield technology.


This uses the natural sugars found in its formula to form a protective layer on your pits, which stops bacteria getting in which in turn helps control body odour so that you feel good and stay fresh all day.


The fragrance of this Eucalyptus version is subtle but effective and comes from the use of Eucalyptus and Siberian pine essential oils. These oils are then combined with a blend of Indian Fig extract and Monk’s Pepper Berry, Sweet Almond Oil which is great for sensitive skin, and naturally deodorising active Lichen Extract.


At £12, it’s not the cheapest men’s deodorant on this list but it’s one of the cheapest natural balms that punches above its weight in terms of performance.



SANS– Deodorant: Best sustainable deodorant

£25 for Starter Kit on subscription, £15 for refills | Buy now

SANS Deodorant reviewSANS–

In the same ilk as its fellow UK rival, Proverb, SANS– is a British-made deodorant brand with a strong focus on sustainability. Across everything it does.


Not only do its natural deodorant refills contain no aluminium, phthalates, PEGs or parabens, but they’re vegan and cruelty-free. In fact, SANS– is licensed under PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies scheme, and the Vegan Society, each of which guarantees SANS– products are never tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal byproducts.


Its packaging is made from FSC-certified cardboard, meaning it can be recycled after use, and it has partnered with an initiative called 1% for the Planet, through which the company donates 1% of all of its profits to sustainable initiatives and rewilding schemes.


Smell-wise, SANS– deodorants are suitable for both men and women, available in three scents:


  • 18th Orchard – a mixture of grapefruit, orange and rosemary
  • Pinacea – a combination of rose, mandarin, cedarwood and geranium
  • Twig & Blossom – bergamot, lemon, petitgrain, neroli, cardamom


This deodorant slides on much more easily than Proverb (and Wild for that matter) and, despite its more compact size, lasts much longer than we expected. We got through a capsule in about five weeks, when used daily. It kept us feeling fresh and didn’t rub off on our clothes as other deodorants can.




Urtekram Organic Deo: Best cheap sustainable deodorant

£5.35 | Buy now

Urtekram Men's DeodorantUrtekram

You don’t have to sign up for a subscription in order to buy sustainable men’s deodorant, as Urtekram proves.


The Nordic brand was a pioneer of the natural, sustainable, organic skincare trend, having launched 50 years ago.


All of its products are 99%-100% natural origin, certified organic by Ecocert, and suitable for vegans. They’re then packaged in sustainable materials made from plant-based sugar cane waste.


This deodorant is a roll-on that has a creamy consistency, meaning it doesn’t feel sticky.


Inside the formula are organic Baobab, liquorice root and aloe vera.


Baobab, liquorice and zinc ricinoleate protect the skin and get rid of odours, while aloe vera calms the skin and reduces any irritation.


It smells like juniper, which is similar to pine trees, but don’t worry, you won’t smell like a car air freshener! In our opinion, such scents are subtle and tend not to overwhelm.



Salt & Stone Deodorant for Men: Best for sensitive skin

£18 | Buy now

Best deodorant for men from Salt _ Stone Eucalyptus _ CedarwoodSalt & Stone

Salt & Stone is a natural skincare range developed by a team of chemists. The founder is Nima Jalali, a former professional snowboarder. After experiencing the harsh environmental impact the weather and elements can have on the skin and body, he created Salt & Stone.


This long-lasting natural deodorant for men helps protect for up to 48 hours. It comes with added hyaluronic acid to help moisturise the underarm. While probiotics help neutralise odour, arrowroot powder helps absorb moisture from sweat.


Salt & Stone contains no toxins, aluminium, alcohol, parabens or synthetic fragrances in its vegan products.



Salt of the Earth Deodorant for Men: Best refillable deodorant

From £6.49 | Buy now

Salt of the Earth roll-on deodorantSalt of the Earth

The Salt of the Earth deodorant range ticks so many boxes. It’s affordable – starting at just £6.49 – it’s available as a spray, roll-on, stick, balm or a crystal version; it’s vegan certified by The Vegan Society, certified 100% natural by COSMOS, cruelty-free, long-lasting and it’s made right here in the UK, down in Hampshire.


What’s more, the packaging has been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, and that includes the fact you can buy refills for all versions. The refills are pricey – a bottle of the spray version is £24 for example – but that is the equivalent to 10 refills, so it saves you a large sum of money in the long run. Not to mention the benefits to the planet.


The deodorant itself works by leaving a thin layer of natural mineral salts (potassium alum) on the skin, which inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Salt of the Earth deodorant is also non-sticky and does not leave any white marks on clothing.


Once you’ve decided which type of deodorant you want, you can then choose from a wide range of scents, including:


  • Neroli & Orange Blossom
  • Ocean & Coconut
  • Lavender & Vanilla
  • Melon & Cucumber
  • Amber & Sandalwood
  • Sweet Strawberry
  • Peony Blossom
  • Vetiver & Citrus
  • Ginger & Jasmine


In fact, there is a total of 65 different variations when you factor in all the different types, and scents, meaning there’s something for everyone.



Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort

£1.70 | Buy now

Mens deodorant Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Antiperspirant DeodorantDove

This deodorant doesn’t contain alcohol, is kind to skin and gives 48 hours of protection.


The Care side of this men’s deodorant’s name comes from the fact it contains Dove’s moisturising formula to ensure the skin isn’t left feeling dry and sensitive.


It leaves no white residue on clothing, the fragrance is strong enough without being overwhelming,  and it keeps you fresh all day long. In fact, Dove claims it can keep you fresh for up to 48 hours if need be. We wouldn’t go that far, but it will definitely last you the day.



DIOR Sauvage Deodorant Spray: Best spray

£32 | Buy now

DIOR Sauvage deodorant sprayDIOR

Whereas the majority of entries in our best deodorant for men list focus on keeping you dry, this DIOR deodorant spray inspired by its bestselling Sauvage aftershave fragrance has the added benefit of leaving you smelling expensive.


It is pricey, but you get 150ml for this price which means it should last a long time. If you’re already familiar with the Sauvage scent, this deodorant smells almost identical yet is a tad more subtle than the aftershave.


If you haven’t smelled this scent before, it has top notes of bergamot and pepper, mid-notes of lavender, vetiver, patchouli, geranium and elemi and base notes of Ambroxan, cedar and labdanum.


This gives it a fresh yet woody scent and is one that is revered by men – and women! – around the globe. The deodorant spray version is gentle on the skin and lasts for around five hours before we’d recommend a top-up.


This isn’t a deodorant if you’re looking to play sports or get active, but it will be enough for everyday use.



Wild Deodorant For Him Pack: Best natural deodorant

£25 | Buy now

Wild For Him Pack aluminium free deodorantWild

Wild is a sustainable brand that sells refillable, aluminium-free deodorant sticks.


You can buy these natural sticks on a subscription, or as one-off purchases and they come straight to your door. All Wild refills are made of biodegradable plastic and when you first sign up or buy from Wild, you’ll get an aluminium-alloy case that you keep for life.


There are a number of scents to choose from and a subscription starts at £12. Alternatively, you can buy Wild Deodorant For Him and For Her packs.


  • Orange Zest
  • Coconut Dreams
  • Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom
  • Rose Blush
  • Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt
  • Mint & Eucalyptus
  • Lavender Haze
  • Bergamot Rituals


This men’s deodorant is a roll-on cream that has been dermatologically approved. Wild’s formula contains tapioca starch, an absorptive powder, and antibacterial baking soda. Both perform the same roles as aluminium salts. You can read more in our Wild deodorant for him review.


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Bulldog Natural Deodorant For Men: Best cheap natural deodorant

£3 | Buy now

Bulldog Natural DeodorantBulldog

This all-natural deodorant gives 24hr protection for a much cheaper price than the likes of Wild, Proverb et al. In fact, this is the ideal budget natural deodorant.


Being a natural deodorant, it lets the body do its thing because Bulldog believes sweating is an important human process. One that cools and detoxifies the body, it doesn’t restrict the glands.


Bulldog sells four fragrances in this range but we’ve opted for the original deodorant for men because it’s a blend of citrus, mint, eucalyptus, cedar and patchouli. It’s also kind to skin and dries quickly, leaving no stains.


The other fragrances include:


  • Lemon and Bergamot
  • Peppermint and Eucalyptus
  • Vetiver and Black Pepper



SAMFARMER Deodorant: Best for teenagers

£4.50 | Buy now

Sam Farmer Skin Care DeodorantSAMFARMER

SAMFARMER Skincare is the brand from cosmetics scientist, and Dad, Sam Farmer. Fed up with beauty and grooming products playing to gender stereotypes, Farmer wanted to create a range of gender-neutral products that would suit both his son and daughter.


He also knew that the collection had to be gentle enough for young skin, and take into account the many changes that our bodies go through during puberty and beyond.


With this in mind, he created a range of six essentials, each one designed in gender-neutral colours and clearly labelled with the letter of the product. As you can see in the above image of the SAMFARMER deodorant.


This deodorant comes with a fresh, citrus scent – in fact, all products in the range have the same gentle fragrance – and uses a vegetable derived ingredient that reduces the odour causing bacteria while halving the amount of anti-perspirant active ingredients. This makes this deodorant gentle enough for young, as well as sensitive skin, without ever sacrificing its odour-fighting properties.


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AKT London: Best men’s deodorant balm

From £16.15 | Buy now

AKT London deodorant review

Vegan, cruelty- and aluminium salt-free, this deodorant balm from AKT London is good for both animals and our bodies, while it’s also great for the planet thanks to its packaging being 100% plastic-free and recyclable.


We rate this balm because it glides on easily and you can more greatly control how much you’re using when compared to a stick. It leaves no marks on clothes, meaning the underarms of your shirts and jackets will remain stain-free and, because of the way you can apply it via your fingertips, it can be placed anywhere you need protection.


This includes underarms, as well as your feet, forehead, chest, and…anywhere.


Its moisturising formula comes in three scents: Orange Grove, which contains a mix of petitgrain, mandarin and neroli; After Thunder, which smells of cedar, eucalyptus and orange; and The Onsen, which contains vetiver, lavandin and citrus. All three promise to keep you dry throughout the day and are suitable for all genders. 


You can also get a free sample if you’re not sure a) if you want to give AKT a go, or b) if you’re not sure which scent you’d prefer.



Deodorant for men: What to look for 


When it comes to men’s deodorant, not all are created equal. They vary wildly in price, come in the form of roll-ons, sticks, aerosols, and creams, and some suit different skin types. That’s before you even factor in if they’re natural or not.


The main difference to look out for when shopping for men’s deodorant is how it is described – there is a difference between deodorants and antiperspirants (and we explain more about these differences below).


The next things to consider are price and application. Sprays tend to be more convenient but they aren’t as precise as sticks, creams or roll-ons. Roll-ons tend to be slicker and more sticky until they dry. If you don’t like this feeling, then opt for a cream stick. They give you more precision, are gentle and soft on the skin and don’t leave your armpits feeling sticky.


Just be aware that creams and balms can coat your clothes before they’re absorbed, so it’s worth applying your deodorant straight from the shower and waiting a while before getting dressed.


Is men’s or women’s deodorant stronger?


Women’s and men’s deodorant work in pretty much the same way. The only difference is usually in their price and packaging. And their fragrances. This means that if you don’t want to buy deodorant for men, exclusively, you can buy one for women and vice versa.


The only real difference in men’s and women’s body odour is that bacteria feasting on male sweat are believed to produce higher levels of a chemical called 3-hydroxy-3-methylhexanoic acid (HMHA). Meanwhile, female sweat creates more of the 3-methyl-3-sulfanylhexan-1-ol (MSH) chemical. This is more reminiscent of onions or tropical fruit.


Deodorant vs antiperspirant: What’s the difference?


Although the terms deodorant and antiperspirant are used almost interchangeably, there are key differences.


A product labelled “deodorant” protects against odour, but doesn’t block sweat. A product labelled “antiperspirant” uses a chemical to block sweat


This means that if you buy a deodorant that doesn’t have sweat-blocking ingredients, or which isn’t an antiperspirant, it may not protect you from smelly armpits as the day goes on!


It is possible to make your own deodorant, by mixing coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda and essential oils. Or you can buy products that combine antiperspirant and deodorant in one, to keep you smelling good while keeping you dry.


How do men’s deodorants work?


Sweat itself doesn’t smell, but when it comes into contact with the skin, and the air, bacteria can form. It’s this chemical reaction that causes body odour. Deodorants tend to be more gentle on the skin. This is because they let sweat through but then neutralise any smell.


Antiperspirants use a chemical called aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly. This is the active ingredient that blocks sweat from the sweat glands.


Many people are moving away from aluminium-based antiperspirants because they can be quite harsh on certain people’s skin. They can also impact the environment, and it’s the aluminium salts in such products that leave yellow stains on clothes.


There are brands, including Proverb and Wild, which have found natural alternatives to these salts.




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