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Sam Farmer skincare UK: Everything you need to know about the gender-neutral skincare range

SamFarmer Skincare was developed by a Dad called Sam Farmer who, fed up with stereotyping, wanted to create products for all teenagers. Regardless of their gender 


Teenage skin and hair are very different from the hair and skin of adults, and they have very specific needs. A swathe of hormones caused by puberty leaves our appearance in a constant state of flux and this requires particular products designed with these differences in mind.


Despite the fact there are various skincare lines designed specifically for teenagers, many play to gender stereotypes. Products for girls are flowery and pink. Products for boys are grey and “macho.” Something Sam Farmer, the owner of SamFarmer Skincare, wanted to fix.


Every product in his collection has been designed in gender-neutral colours and are clearly labelled with the letter of the product. The shampoo is emblazoned with a large S, the conditioner is branded with a large C while the face and body products have an F and C on them respectively.


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Common skincare problems among teenagers


Acne is a well-known condition that affects teenagers, caused largely by an increase in sebum. This is an oil produced naturally in our glands that keeps our skin moisturised. During puberty, hormones stimulate these glands to make more sebum, and they often become overactive. This causes them to make too much sebum, which clogs pores and leads to bacteria and acne.  Some teenagers avoid acne or spots but their skin and hair still become more oily and greasy during puberty.  This can last into their early 20s, and beyond.


Teenagers are typically sweatier than adults because their hormones also stimulate sweat glands. This can cause increased body odour on their armpits and around their genitals. This also affects sweat glands in feet, which can increase the instances of smelly feet during adolescence. Each of these changes needs to be managed with care.


Acne-prone skin does not react well to irritating scrubs or harsh ingredients, so these need to be avoided. Hair should be washed enough to keep oil under control, but not too much that the scalp becomes dry and flaky. Deodorants for teenagers need to be gentle on the skin but powerful enough to keep the excess sweating under control.


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Sam Farmer Skincare UK


“Being a stay-at-home Dad, I went to buy my kids their first teenage personal care products,” explains Sam Farmer. “Having seen the rows of products, pink, pouty and submissive packaging aimed at my daughter and steel grey, macho stuff intended for my son, I left determined to do something about it. I went back to school, studied cosmetic science, and have formulated a unisex range, specifically for adolescent skin and hair. When selecting ingredients for the formulations, I’m focused on cosmetic science, not marketing misinformation.”


Sam Farmer: Products, prices, and where to buy


There are six products in the Sam Farmer Skincare range. Most are available from A Little Find, as well as directly from the SamFarmer website. You can also buy them as bundles.



The individual Sam Farmer Skincare products include:


SamFarmer Shampoo (£5.25)


Sam Farmer shampooSam Farmer


This shampoo has been formulated to gently cleanse the hair and scalp and has added glycerin to help keep the hair moisturised.


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SamFarmer Conditioner – (£5.50)

Sam Farmer Conditioner for young peopleSam Farmer


The SamFarmer conditioner contains shea butter to hydrate the hair and D-panthenol which helps strengthen the hair and help to reduce split ends.




SamFarmer Deodorant – (£4.50)

Sam Farmer Skin Care DeodorantSam Farmer


To halve the amount of traditional antiperspirant active ingredients in this deodorant, Sam Farmer added a vegetable derived ingredient that reduces the odour causing bacteria.


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SamFarmer Body Wash(£3.95) Travel-size


This foaming body wash cleanses, moisturises, and nourishes and hydrates your skin. It has a light fragrance that is suitable for all skin types.

Sam Farmer Body WashSam Farmer




SamFarmer Moisturiser (£6.50)


Specifically formulated to care for skin without clogging pores, this moisturiser contains squalane, shea butter, Vitamin E and avocado extract. Each work to hydrate the skin while reducing excessive sebum.

SamFarmer Skincare reviews moisturiserSamFarmer



SamFarmer Face Wash (£8.25)


This face wash contains aloe vera which soothes the skin. This makes it suitable for all skin types. It also has glycerin which helps to moisturise and balance the skin, without stripping out too many oils.

SamFarmer Face WashSamFarmer




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