Glossybox grooming subscription boxes and kits for men

Best subscription boxes for men UK for all your skincare, shaving and grooming needs

We’ve handpicked the best subscription boxes for men to suit all budgets and skin types from the likes of Glossybox, Harry’s, The Skincare Guys, and more 


W hether you’re keen to start experimenting with aftershaves, you want to give some anti-ageing products a go, or you’re shopping for a gift, we’ve scoured the web to find the best subscription boxes for men.


The best part of buying a subscription box is that someone else does all the hard work for you. Products are usually handpicked for your skin and hair types, saving you the hassle of shopping around. 


Subscription boxes for men also allow you to try out a large range of products, often for a lot less money than they would retail for individually. The whole process is convenient and some subscription boxes can also fit through the letterbox, so it couldn’t be easier to get some great grooming products onto your bathroom shelf.


In fact, a subscription box is a great gift idea for men, especially when your loved ones will inevitably ask what you want for your birthday or Christmas and you’re sick of the same boring presents. This way you can make sure you get something they actually want, plus help them discover new products they may not have found before.


Alternatively, if you’re after the best subscription box for women, we’ve rounded up some favourites on our sister site, mamabella.


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Subscription boxes for men: What to look for


When it comes to subscription boxes for men the main thing to decide is how often you want to receive your gift box. Some companies will base it on your use e.g. how often you shave will dictate how often you’ll need new blades and products. Others run on a monthly, or 60-day cycle.


You’ll also want to look at how easy it is to pause, restart or cancel your subscription. The majority of subscription box companies are flexible and make this process really easy and we’ve tried to prioritise those which don’t tie you in.


Best subscription boxes for men UK


1. Toppbox Personalised Grooming Box  – £24 every 2 months


2. The Personal Barber£24.95 every 6 or 12 weeks


3. The Skincare Guys£24–£54 every 60 days


4. Secret Scent Box: Designer Fragrances£13–£15 every month


5. Harry’s Shave Set – £14–£26 every 2, 3 or 5 months


6. Glossybox Grooming Kits – £25 one-off payment 


1. Editor’s Pick: Toppbox Personalised Grooming Box

£24 every 2 months | Buy now

Best subscription boxes for men UK ToppboxToppbox

If you’re unsure what grooming products are best suited to your skin and hair type, a Toppbox subscription box may be the best option for you. As well as providing you with products that cover your whole grooming routine, they’re also really good value for money.


With Toppbox’s subscription boxes for men, you get five to seven full-sized products, with a total value of £50-£70. Each face, body, and hair product is handpicked for you to try and it means you’ll keep up with the latest trends while trying out different things.


Once you select the men’s subscription box, you’ll be taken through a few easy questions about your age, skin type and hair type. The grooming products are then personalised and selected based on your skincare and hair needs and preferences. If you don’t know what your skin type is, check out our What skin type do I have? guide. 


Like with most men’s subscription boxes you can pause, re-start or cancel your subscription easily. Plus there’s a loyalty scheme you can be part of too, which means you can earn discounts on your future boxes. You can currently get 15% off Toppbox with the code TB15. 


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2. Budget Buy: The Personal Barber

£24.95 every 6 or 12 weeks | Buy now

The Personal Barber best subscription boxes for menThe Personal Barber

The price of this shaving subscription box for men means it represents the best value for money in this list, based on the number of products and the brands you get.


The first box from The Personal Barber includes a signature safety razor, shaving brush, shaving cream, and 10 replacement blades. This will then set you up for future deliveries, which include shaving products delivered to your door every 6 or 12 weeks.


If you usually shave 4-7 times a week they recommend going for the 6 weekly option, or if you shave 1-3 times a week then the 12-weekly option will suit you better.


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3. Luxury Buy: The Skincare Guys

£24–£54 every 60 days | Buy now

Skincare Guys subscription boxes for men UKThe Skincare Guys

Although The Skincare Guys subscription box is one of the slightly more expensive subscription boxes for men, it’s still great value. Plus all of its products are made from natural and organic ingredients, are vegan-friendly, and completely produced in Britain (even the packaging.)


There are three product options to choose from with The Skincare Guys gift box

  • Beginner: This anti-Aging kit includes a power wash and a hydra balm product
  • Advanced: This box has the same two Beginner products, plus a repair scrub to get rid of damaged skin cells
  • Elite: The same three products in the Beginner and Advanced boxes, plus a defence serum and a revive serum


You’ll then receive refills of these products every 60 days. You can upgrade, or downgrade your subscription at any point, as well as cancel. You can currently get 15% off Toppbox with the code TS15. 


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4. Secret Scent Box: Designer Fragrances

£13–£15 every month | Buy now

Secret Scent Box fragrance and aftershave subscription boxes for menSecret Scent Box

This fragrance subscription box is perfect if you don’t have a signature scent and instead prefer to experiment. Each month three fragrances for men are handpicked for you to try – one will be a designer fragrance while the others will be scents selected by Secret Scent Box.


Brands include Hugo Boss, Guess, Burberry, Lacoste, amongst others and because of the size of the bottles, this is one of the few subscription boxes for men that can be posted through the letterbox. If you change your mind at any point you can pause or cancel the subscription at any point. 


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5. Harry’s – Shaving Set 

£14 – £26 every 2, 3 or 5 months | Buy now

Harrys shaving setHarry's

Another great shaving subscription box for men is this one from Harry’s.


You can get a trial set for free – although you do need to pay for postage – and in the trial set you get a razor handle and cartridge, shave gel, and a travel blade cover.


If you decide to carry on with the subscription, you can choose from one of the three options:

  • Eight blades
  • Eight blades and one shaving foam
  • Eight blades, one shaving foam and a post-shave balm.


Like with The Personal Barber subscription, Harry’s offers you the option of receiving the shaving gift set every two, three, or five months, depending on how often you shave.

Something you get with this subscription box that you don’t with the others is the option to order a £5 mystery item. The product you get will be from Harry’s range and worth more than £5, so it’s a very tempting add-on.


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5. Glossybox Grooming Kits 

£25-£30 one-off payment | Buy now

October Glossybox Grooming Kit 2021Glossybox


Glossybox is well known in skincare and beauty circles and its subscription boxes for women are among the most popular and impressive on the market. Sadly, it doesn’t do regular subscription boxes for men but it does occasionally sell limited-edition Grooming Kits.


At the time of writing, the October Glossybox Grooming Kit is on sale for £25 but is full of products worth £175. This includes:


What’s inside the October Glossybox Grooming Kit? 

  • Texturising cream
  • Facial Fuel Moisturiser
  • Unisex Hydrating Hair Shampoo
  • Brighten & Boost Serum
  • Collagen + Vit C Sheet mask
  • Body Spray
  • Tobacco Absolute Body Wash
  • Purifying Scrub
  • Sleep Spray
  • Glycolic Acid overnight eye serum
  • Grasslands & Metal Rain Fragrance – Lucky Dip


As the brand explains: “This men’s grooming set is the perfect gift for the man of your life. Featuring 10 hair, body and skincare products that are worth over £180, plus an extra treat too!”


Glossybox grooming subscription boxes and kits for menGlossybox


You can also still buy the June Glossybox Grooming Kit. This box costs £30 and contains 11 products from brands including Elemis, Regenerate, KMS and more. This works out at less than £3 per product which is good on its own, but even more so when you consider that the shaving brush alone would set you back £14.50 if bought separately.


What’s inside the June Glossybox Grooming Kit? 

  • Men Rock Shaving Brush
  • Elemis Deep Cleanse Facial Wash
  • STARSKIN Leading Man Face Mask
  • Gillette Soft Beard Balm
  • Moschino Toy Boy Fragrance Mini
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Smooth and refine body moisturiser
  • Regenerate Toothbrush
  • Regenerate Science Advanced Toothpaste
  • AMELIORATE Nourishing body wash
  • KMS Hairstay Hard Wax
  • MUDMASKY Vitamin After Mask Serum 30ml






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