Best skincare sets for men as men's gifts for cheap and luxury budgets

Best skincare sets for men to suit all budgets and skin types

Whether it’s for yourself, or the man in your life, we’ve handpicked the best skincare sets for men to suit all budgets and skin types


A  skincare routine is slowly, but surely, becoming more common among men, with exfoliating, moisturising, and cleansing now common words in the vocabulary of many.


For those who are still finding their way with it all, it can be difficult to known which products are most suitable. This is where the best skincare sets for men come in.


There are sets to suit all budgets and skin types, and a skincare set makes the perfect gift. With Christmas just around the corner, if you’re in need of a stocking filler there’s plenty of choices that will make a great present.


Below, we’ve handpicked the best skincare sets for men and we’ve explained what to look out for, and how to determine what skin type you are before you plough ahead.


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Skincare sets for men: What to look for


As you can read in our Men’s skin vs women’s skin guide, men tend to have 25% thicker skin than women. They also have a higher collagen density, while producing more oil. The latter can mean that men are more prone to breakouts and that these breakouts can last longer than they do for women.


With this in mind, it’s important to begin by identifying what the different skin types are – and which one you fall into – in order to purchase the best skincare set for you.


It’s quite straightforward to work out your skin type. Simply wash your face with cold water and wait an hour to see whether it looks and feels oily; whether it’s dry and tight; or if it perhaps feels sensitive, especially when using products. With this information in mind, you can then pick the best skincare set for you and you specific skin needs.


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The different skin types 


You can read more about the different skin types in our What skin type do I have? guide but as a summary:


  • Oily: Your skin’s natural oil can be overproduced by a number of factors and it’s a common skin type for men. If you suffer from oily skin choose a product or skincare set with a hydrating moisturiser. On top of this, using products with natural oils has been proven to be an effective way to address oily skin.
  • Sensitive: Sensitive skin is noticeable if your skin reacts whenever you try any new products, or it becomes inflamed after shaving or when applying any products to it. It’s necessary to engage in a trial-and-error process with products to find the moisturisers, exfoliators and face washes marketed as gentle that won’t aggravate the skin.
  • Dry: If you have dry skin, exfoliating regularly will suit your routine best, making sure to get rid of dead and flaky skin, and moisturising thoroughly afterwards to keep the skin hydrated. Using a ‘heavy’ moisturiser at night in order to lock in the hydration whilst you sleep can also be an effective way to combat it.
  • Combination: The combination skin type is almost a misnomer, as technically we all have a certain level of combination type skin. However, if you feel your skin does particularly have elements of all skin types, look for products within a skincare set that provide ‘balance’ to your face.


Just something to be mindful of, however, is your skin type can change depending on the weather, diet, humidity and sun exposure, so it’s imperative to try out different products in order to fine-tune your skincare routine. This is also why the best skincare sets for men are a great option because you can experiment and work out which types of products you like – gels or creams, serums or oils etc – and which you don’t.


Best skincare sets for men UK


1. Nivea Sensitive Skin Complete Set £17.99


2. Clinique For Men Starter Kit: Daily Oil Control  – £12


3. Rugged & Dapper Active Grooming & Skincare Set for Men – £126


4. Bulldog Skincare Set£15


5. Mancave Original Skin Care Set  – £15.99


1. Editor’s Pick: Nivea Sensitive Skin Complete Set

£10 | Buy now from Tesco

Nivea Men skincare set for menNivea Men

Nivea is the go-to brand for helping soothe irritated skin and with this set, you get all the tools you need to help your sensitive skin. Having been a market leader in this area for well over 100 years, both male and female consumers know they can trust the results with its products.


This Nivea skincare set includes a dermatologist-approved hydrating face wash, aftershave balm and a sensitive moisturiser, as well as a body wash and full-sized sensitive deodorant, meaning this set provides excellent value for money.


If you want to have your sensitive skin sated, specifically after shaving, then this is the kit for you because it provides a cooling and nourishing feeling for your skin. There’s a reason this set is labelled the ‘ideal male grooming kit’.


If you’re interested in Nivea for Men products, check out our guide to the best men’s advent calendars where there are two gift options that contain Nivea products.



2. Budget Buy: Clinique For Men Starter Kit: Daily Oil Control  

£12 | Buy now from Feelunique

Clinique for Men skincare set for oily skinClinique for Men


This travel-sized set is the ideal companion for any man on the go who struggles with oily skin. The Oil Control set means you can control your oily skin with ease with the three products included in this convenient package.


The face wash thoroughly cleanses and reduces any excess oils while the mattifying moisturiser gives you lightweight, oil-free hydration meaning your skin stays clear and free of oil all day long.


This travel set comes in different sizes and all products included can be purchased in different forms if you require the larger sizes to keep at home. The beauty of buying travel-sized skincare sets for men is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to give products a proper try before buying larger versions.



3. Luxury Buy: Rugged & Dapper Active Grooming & Skincare Set for Men

£126 | Buy now from Ninth Avenue

Rugged and Dapper luxury skincare set for menRugged and Dapper

At the higher end of the price scale comes the Rugged & Dapper Active Grooming & Skincare Set for Men. This set covers all the bases for anyone who wants the all-encompassing high-quality choice in skincare sets.


Founded by Ryan & Jane Labaqui in the US, Rugged & Dapper has set out to design hard-wearing but effective skincare products that are dedicated to ‘real men who want to look good when it counts.’ It’s no surprise it’s becoming an influential force in men’s skincare products over here now, too.


This set includes five skincare items including a daily facial scrub and cleanser, as well as a body wash and shampoo. The products are made with natural, organic and nutrient-rich ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Willow Bark, designed to complement your skin and give you all you need to have clear, energised glowing skin.



4. Bulldog Original Skincare Set

£15 | Buy now from Feelunique

Bulldog prides itself on its universality in skincare, providing products that cater for all skin types whilst making skincare products that are purpose-built for men.


This set includes its face wash, scrub, and moisturiser all coming in a handy Bulldog branded travel bag making it ideal for a stocking filler for the man that needs his skincare set on the move – at the gym or perhaps a weekend away.


This skincare set for men promises to keep you hydrated and cleansed, in order for you to feel your best when using the Bulldog Skincare Set.



5. Mancave Original Skin Care Set

£20 | Buy now from Amazon

Mancave Original Skincare SetMancave

If you’re looking for a skincare set for men that covers all the bases, but for an affordable price and which uses natural ingredients for sensitive or combination skin, then look no further than the Mancave Original Skin Care Set.


As skincare routines for men have become commonplace, Mancave is setting the standard for recognisable, affordable and hydrating products. Mancave products are free from Sulphates (SLS), Parabens, Petrochemicals or Synthetic Dye, as well as being products that are cruelty-free, in addition to having vegan lines to boot.


The Willowbark Face Wash, Olivestone Face Scrub, and Mancave original moisturiser provide the perfect starting skincare set for any man wanting to have a clean and hydrated face for an affordable price.






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