Best tweezers uk for mens eyebrows ingrown hairs ticks and veruccas

Best tweezers UK: Get rid of ingrown hairs, rogue eyebrows or tidy up your sprouting nose and ear hairs

Whether you’re looking to keep your ingrown hairs in check or tidy up your rogue eyebrow, nose, ear, or chin hairs, we’ve put the best tweezers to the test 




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Best tweezers for eyebrows


Different types of tweezers


Tweezers. One pair is just like another, right? Sadly not. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and prices and can be used for a multitude of things.


This includes keeping ingrown hairs in check, tidying up eyebrows, getting rid of your rogue nose and ear hairs, and even pulling out verrucas and warts.


We don’t recommend doing the latter though…or if you’re going to do it, make sure you sanitise your tweezers before using them again on your eyebrows or other hairs on your body. Especially if you’re tackling ingrown hairs in your nether regions!


Below we’ve listed what we consider to be the best tweezers in the UK to suit all budgets and hopefully satisfy all hair-related tasks.


We also explain a bit more about the different types of tweezers and what they’re good for at the bottom of the list.


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Best tweezers UK


1. Tweezerman Slanted Tweezer – £21.95


2. Boots Tweezers Straight£2


3. Regine Diamond Slanted Tweezers£75


4. Rubis Classic Slanted Tweezers£25.50


5. Tweezerman Toolmates Eyebrow Kit £29.90


6. Tweezer Guru Pointed Tweezer£19.99


1. Editor’s Pick: Tweezerman Slant Tweezers

£21.95 | Buy now from Amazon

Tweezerman Tweezers best tweezers ukTweezerman

There’s a reason why Tweezerman continually top the list of best tweezers, and they win countless awards. It’s because they’re super accurate and super hard-wearing.


This means that they’re able to pick up even the most stubborn of hairs and they’ll last for months without going blunt. You can buy them in black, blue, red or grey.


The downside is that this makes them a little pricey. You can buy a mini version, which comes in at £12.95 – so you’re saving yourself six quid. of tweezers! These award-winning tweezers will not let you down.




2. Bargain Buy: Boots Tweezers Straight

£2 | Buy now from Boots

Best cheap tweezers UKBoots

They won’t last as long as the more expensive entries in our best tweezers list, nor will they be as accurate meaning you may nick the skin.


However, for just £2 for these Boots straight-edge tweezers, you can’t really complain. Plus, if you’re looking for tweezers that will only be used every now and then, then these are more than good enough. They even come with an easy-to-hold grip, which other tweezers don’t.


They won’t win awards but then who cares if they do what you need them to do.



3. Luxury Buy: Regine Diamond Slant Tweezers

£75 | Buy now from Amazon

Regine tweezers Regine

If you thought the Tweezerman tweezers were pricey, cop a load of these Diamond Slant Tip tweezers from Regine Switzerland.


No, £75 isn’t a typo or mistake. They cost so much because they’re engineered by master Swiss craftsmen Regine and each pair goes through a 40-step finishing process before being tested under a microscope. This is to make sure each pair is perfectly aligned, super sharp and are at “the perfect angle” – something the brand prides itself on and claims is the reason why these tweezers are so great.


In fact, Regine claims promises that these tweezers grip the hair and pull it from the root every time. Not only does this save time, it should also reduce the pain. Regine also offers a Lifetime Guarantee so you’ll only need to fork out this spenny price one.




4. Rubis Tweezer Classic Slanted

£23.95 | Buy now

Rubis best tweezersRubis

If you want the precision and Swiss-engineered design of Regine’s tweezers for a more affordable price, give Rubis a go.


In fact, Rubis goes a step further than Regine Switzerland because it puts its tweezers through a 45-step process. Five quality steps more than Regine.


The slanted tip of the Rubis Classic Slanted Tweezer means they’re great for sorting out your brows, or for plucking random stray hairs from your nose or ears.


Every pair is made of a single piece of surgical steel and they’re super light as well as being acid-proof, rustproof, and anti-magnetic.



5. Best tweezers kit: Tweezerman Toolmates 

 £29.90 | Buy now

Best tweezer set UK TweezermanTweezerman

This kit gives you three of the best tweezers for a relatively low price (all things considered) of £30. This may seem like a lot but considering our Editor’s Pick from the same Tweezerman brand comes in at £19, get three for less than twice the price doesn’t feel so bad.


This kit includes what the brand calls the Slant Tweezer, the Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze as well as a precision razor. The former promise to be “perfectly aligned” and come with a hand-filed, 25-degree angled precision tip.


As its name suggests, the Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze has an ultra-sharp, pointed tip that can help lift and remove anything embedded under the skin, including ingrown hairs as well as spots (again, we don’t recommend the latter, but we’ve done…).


The precision razor is then perfect for trimming the hairs between your brows, trimming around your moustache or beard, and tidying up your hairline. It’s also good for intimate areas or smoothing off your chest. Just be careful, and hold them at an angle to get the best results.


They come with a magnetic holder which we never use. In fact, we think it looks like a public urinal so we ditched it pretty quick, but it’s a nice touch should you want it.



6. Best tweezers for ingrown hairs: Tweezer Guru Pointed Tweezers

£19.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Tweezer Guru tweezersTweezer Guru

Speaking of pointed, super-sharp tweezers, these from Tweezer Guru are perfect for removing ingrown hairs, splinters, facial hair, and more.


They’re made from durable stainless steel and this makes them very sharp so we don’t advise going anywhere near your nether regions with these!



Eyebrow tweezers types explained


Below we explain what each type of tweezer type is called, and what they’re each best used for.


Eyebrow tweezers explainedMBman

Pointed Tip Tweezers

Best tweezers for: Ingrown hairs


Pointed tip tweezers are best for precise plucking, which makes them great for getting rid of stubborn hairs or unhooking and grabbing ingrown hairs.


Straight Tip Tweezers

Best tweezers for: Large areas


If your hair is thick and stubborn, opt for straight-tip tweezers. They’re good for grabbing multiple hairs at the same time which also makes them ideal for saving time.


Slanted Tip Tweezers

Best tweezers for: Eyebrows 


Slanted tip tweezers are some of the most popular because they offer the benefits of both pointed and straight tip tweezers in one.


Crab Tip Tweezers

Best tweezers for: Pain-free tweezing


The flat design of crab tweezers means they’re great for grabbing hold of hairs while lowering the chance of you also grabbing your skin.





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