John Legend skincare: Singer announces plans for beauty line tailored for melanin-rich skin

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The as-yet-to-be-named skincare line from John Legend is being developed with A-Frame Brands – a holding company dedicated to creating talent-led beauty lines for people with melanin-rich skin, and those of us “who need them most”


S inger and songwriter John Legend is world-renowned for many things, but notably the fact he just doesn’t appear to age. His skin consistently looks incredible; almost on par with Pharrell Williams (the brain behind the Humanrace skincare collection.)


Now it seems he’s planning to let us everyday folk in on his skincare secrets with the launch of a new collection aimed at people of colour.


According to Fortune, the 43-year-old explained that feeling good in your skin is “only part of the thinking behind Legend’s new skincare line” and that the range will be “focused on the unique needs of darker, melanin-rich skin.”


The collection is being developed under the guidance of holding company A-Frame Brands, set up in 2019 by actor Hill Harper with entrepreneur Ari Bloom. A-Frame Brands has already worked with tennis star, Naomi Osaka on a suncare brand, Kinlo, and is said to be working with Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade on a baby-care line called Proudly.


Charcoal bar Humanrace body care rangeHumanrace

John Legend will join the ranks of fellow singer and producer Pharrell Williams and his Humanrace line


According to A-Frame dermatology director, Dr. Naana Boakye, the line isn’t just about increasing diversity and representation.


Instead, it addresses a real need that isn’t being met for people with melanin-rich skin. In particular, she explained that melanin-rich skin “loses moisture at a greater rate compared to non-melanin-rich skin” and tends to experience more instances of pigmentation and eczema at a higher rate.


She continued that brands don’t take this increased dryness and sensitivity into account when making skincare and that is why the A-Frame team is so passionate and considered with the products it develops and the people it partners with.


It’s not yet known when John Legend’s skincare line will be released. There are reports it will be affordable because of what Legend calls the “appearance gap” being driven by the “wealth gap.” Namely, people without the means to afford premium products don’t get the benefit of these considered ingredients and effective formulas.


We’ll update this page once we know more.



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