Masturbation effects on the brain, acne, and hair loss

Why masturbating can be good for your brain and even help with acne and hair loss

More than 96% of British men masturbate on a regular basis and few of us need an excuse…but we’ve still listed the benefits of masturbation and the impact of masturbation effects on the brain below



According to a global report on self-pleasure, 78% of adults across the world enjoy masturbating and beyond pleasure, it comes (excuse the pun) with a whole host of health benefits. It can even help improve your skin and stop you from looking old before your time.


Here we explain more about masturbation effects on the brain and the benefits that a cheeky tug can have on your overall wellbeing.


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What is masturbation? 


Before we dive into the benefits of masturbating, we don’t want to make any assumptions. There are more than 3,500 Google searches every month with people asking what masturbation actually is so if you’re unsure, let us help. It’s such a common question, the NHS has an official definition:


“Masturbation is when you get sexual pleasure from touching your genitals, usually with your hand. You can masturbate yourself or a partner. Masturbation usually leads to an orgasm.


“Generally, men and boys masturbate by rubbing or moving their hand up and down their erect penis. Women and girls may use their fingers or hand to rub the area around their clitoris or vagina.


“Many people enjoy masturbating with their partner as part of healthy sex life and there’s no right or wrong way to masturbate.”


As that last sentence explains, there is no right or wrong way to masturbate. It’s all about exploring your body and discovering how you like to be touched, what you enjoy, and what’s the best way to reach climax. This is both a great way of being more comfortable with your own body and needs, but it can also help your partner better satisfy you during sex, for instance.


The only times it can border on dangerous or damaging is if you think that masturbating is taking over your life, as in it stops you from getting on with everyday activities like work or spending time with family etc., or if you masturbate in dangerous or illegal situations.


Masturbation effects on the brain


Despite the high numbers of people in the report who said they masturbate globally – stats include 96% of British men, 93% of German men, and 92% of American men; 76% of German women, and 76 % of American women – there is still a lot of stigma and taboo about masturbating, and sex generally.


It can be considered crude to discuss sexual matters openly with friends, loved ones, and even our partners even though a very high majority of us engage in it regularly. Yet having a fulfilling sex life – whether with someone else or yourself – can have a host of health benefits.



Research has shown the benefits of masturbating include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Releasing tension
  • Helping with headaches
  • Helping you sleep better
  • Helping relieve menstrual cramps
  • Improve skin
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Helping treat sexual problems
  • Strengthening muscle tone in your pelvic or anal areas


This is because of the number of masturbation effects on the brain.


When you orgasm, your brain releases endorphins. These are hormones that block pain and make you feel good. They’re also released when you exercise when you eat certain foods.


These are released whether you orgasm from masturbating or during sex. They’re such a powerful mood enhancer and pain reliever that they’re likened to opioid drugs.


The power of masturbating to improve your skin is a relatively unknown benefit. Granted it’s still to be widely researched but by helping to reduce stress and tension, sex and masturbating help combat inflammation.


This is a major cause of acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and much more. There are even links between stress and hair loss suggesting that masturbating and thus relieving tension could prevent hair loss caused by stress.



In fact, studies have shown that the masturbation effects on the brain are actually enhanced when compared to sex, because people tend to be more relaxed as they masturbate.


Many also factor masturbating into their routine, which helps boost the overall wellbeing effects.






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